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Quote of the Day - Unfortunately, for many lawyers, judges and prosecutors, people expect to see CSI in the courtroom. They can't always provide that. Not every case is all about DNA. - William Peterson, CSI star

CSI Effect Addressed By Prosecutors In Phil Spector Case: Will It Work?

Prosecutors complain that juries are looking for CSI-level investigations and testimony (dubbed the ("CSI effect"), and bemoan the fact that defense attorneys have used the popular televisions shows as a means to defeat criminal cases weak on science.  Well, no more.

The Phil Spector trial has entered the 21st century.  According to prosecutors, science will be the "silent witness" in this case, bringing the TV effect into the courtroom.  We'll see if the effort has the desired effect. 

As regular readers know, my fellow blogger and Lawyer to Lawyer co-host Bob Ambrogi regularly interview other lawyers about legal issues of interest around the world, and this past week we had the distinct pleasure of hosting two very well known and high-powered criminal attorneys, Jennifer Keller and Tom Mesereau.  You can listen to their take on the Phil Spector case as well as other Hollywood criminal cases, and see how science and tactics play out in the courtroom. 

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Tuesday, May 29, 2007

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