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MIPTC Potpourri: Podcasts, Elections, Debates, Prop 64, Books, Blogs, Objections and Sharks

Every once in awhile you run into days when there are just too many good things to write about, and it's difficult to pick just one.  Today is one of those days.  So you can pick from the potpourri available, here's a laundry list of things that came across my desk in the last several days:

The Seventh Circuit is now podcasting its oral arguments.  Here's the iTunes link.  You can find the RSS feed here.  Why can't all courts make this available?

Deputy District Attorney Sheila Hanson is running for Orange County Superior Court Judge in the upcoming November election.  MIPTC is proud to endorse her, and notes that in the race for the seat, she's the only candidate rated by the Orange County Bar Association, where she received the Bar's highest rating.  The other two candidates declined to participate in the rating.

In the wake of the wave of law professorial blogging, the Yale Law Journal is soliciting submissions for an academic debate.

Kimberly Kralowec offers a wonderful review of two recent Prop 64 California Supreme Court decisions here and here.

Blogger Jeremy Blachman, who I met at the first BloggerCon conference and is a definite hoot, published a new book, the Anonymous Lawyer.  It's well worth your investment of time to read and once you get done laughing, and if you're a lawyer, more worth your investment to think about addressing the sarcasm behind every guffaw.  You can pick up the book here.

PinHawk publishes a wildly successful law blog digest, available by email.

Thanks to the National Institute of Trial Advocacy, I now have the entire California Evidence Code, with objections, downloaded to the Smart Digital card on my Pocket PC telephone.  The phone now works in Europe as well thanks to Samsung's newest GSM chip.  Now if I could only make my trial objections in French.

To top it off, there's today's news item detailing research that proves shark fins and human arms have common genes.  That's news?  Lawyers have known that for a long time.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on Wednesday, July 26, 2006

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