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Black-and-Blue Berry May Suffer KO

The $450 million settlement agreement between RIM, the manufacturer of the infamous BlackBerry phone and NTP Inc., the small patent holding firm of McLean, Va., who own the patents used by the BlackBerry and won a $550 million judgment against RIM was just determined invalid, and MIPTC's prediction is one step closer to reality.  You may want to switch now.

The MSNBC article linked above notes that Blackberry users might switch to the Palm Treo 650 Smartphone, but if you're a power user on the road, you might want to look at the Samsung i730.  MIPTC owns no stock in either Verizon or Samsung (or Palm, for that matter).

You can always add it to your holiday wish list.


Posted by J. Craig Williams on Wednesday, November 30, 2005

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