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Quote of the Day - Awards are merely the badges of mediocrity. - Charles Ives

Podspider Grants MIPTC Its 5-Star Award

While I'm not quite sure what it means, Podspider granted MIPTC its 5-Star Award.  According to Norman Forerder, the founder of the site, the award is given to the top ten percent of podcasts listed on its site.  Norman reports:  "the criteria for the award are "continuity and technical operativeness" as a guide for podcast listeners.  Based on the 5-STAR-AWARD we will start in 2006 an international contest and award the best podcast from all 5-STAR-AWARD podcasts. We use the same procedure as is usual in Shareware directories.  At the moment we have 20,000 Podcasts in the directory.  2,000 of them got this seal of approval as a kind of guide for listeners and as motivation to go one. We think that will help to promote the subject "Podcasting" to a higher level."

Maybe that just means MIPTC has done a lot of podcasts (at last count almost 1,000), but I appreciate the award.  Podspider's 5-Star award icon will soon grace MIPTC's pages.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 11/9/2005 at 09:26 Comments (0)


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