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Quote of the Day - Yes, my parents are strict about me having a childhood. I go ice skating and sledding, and swimming in the Summer. - Jackie Evancho

The Sled, our Christmas Book Written for our Grandchildren, Available for Pre-order Now

As many of you know, my wife, Christine, and I wrote a Christmas book where our grandchildren are the main characters.  It's available on Amazon for pre-order, Buy yours now, just in time for Christmas.

It's the story of Naomi, our heroine, who must save Christmas from being frozen by the Frost King, who is intent on freezing everything Christmas, and he's on his way to the North Pole to freeze Santa, his elves and his reindeer.  Naomi is joined by her animal friends, Duchess the Sled Dog, Bella the Snow Lepoard and Kingston the Bighorn sheep.

Will Naomi reach Santa in time to save Christmas?  Will she get the shiny new red sled in the hardware store window?  Order now to find out. 

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 7/11/2017 at 08:56 Comments (0)


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