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Quote of the Day - “I never read a book before reviewing it - it prejudices a man so. - Sidney Smith

MIPTC’S Occasional Book Review: Solo by Choice, by Carolyn Elefant

"Back when you were in law school you had dreams.  Maybe it was standing before a jury, passionately arguing on behalf of a desperate client ... or winning an appeal that would link your name to a new legal precedent ... or pulling off a dramatic 11th hour deal that would give your struggling technology client a life-saving infusion of capital.  But what happened? ... years later ... most of those dreams are unrealized." 

Now, instead  "You work 60-hour weeks in BigLaw... or, you're a government prosecutor ... whose work is no longer challenging ... Or you just passed the bar, and the prospects of paying off your student loans ... has you popping antacid in the middle of the night."  The Preface of Solo by Choice gives this wonderful setup for three-hundred pages packed full of timely and spot-on advice for a lawyer struggling with these issues. 

If you're a lawyer and those law-school dreams have all but evaporated and you're contemplating taking the plunge to start your own law firm, perhaps as a solo, perhaps as a group of lawyers who all have these unrealized dreams and want to run your own show, then...

You need this book.  Don't do anything else to start up a new law firm without reading this insightful guide, Solo by Choice, by Carolyn Elefant.*  Even if you have a long-established solo or small firm, then this book will help you fine-tune your practice in ways you can't even imagine.  Even if you are in BigLaw or even a government prosecutor, there are a few tips you can pick up to help your practice (see the chapter on Dealing with clients). 

Even after starting this firm, WLF | The Williams Lindberg Law Firm five years ago and after more than twenty years of practicing law, I learned more than a few things from this paperback.  You'll find it more than helpful, I'm sure.  Your investment will yield much in return.


*  MIPTC and Carolyn Elefant's blog, My Shingle, are both members of the blog network.  Elefant also contributes to the Legal Blog Watch.

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