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Quote of the Day - “If we go down and have no phones, no computers and no cell phones, we are still going to be able to communicate. - Aaron Adams

California's Newest Crime - TDWT - Teens Driving While Texting

You could say it rhymes with nitwit.  TWDT will be illegal in California next July 1.  If you're under 18, then you can't use anything electronic while driving, such as laptops, cellular phones and Game Boys, except perhaps the in-dash radio, and I'm not even sure about that.

It's so 1990s.

But wait, there's more from the Governor's office:  that deadline will also be the time when those of us over 18 must start using hands-free devices to make or receive cellular telephone calls.  Buy stock in your local phone carrier now.  Sales are about to increase.  Soon everyone will have those silly earpieces hanging from their ears.

The message from the Governor:  just hang up and drive.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 9/16/2007 at 02:27 Comments (0)


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