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Quote of the Day - It's great for the sales representatives because an event like this can save them hundreds of phone calls. - Susan Jones

Is The Do Not Call Registry Working? How Many Calls Are You Still Getting At Home?

"Hello?"  [ No response].  {Pause} {Click} {Click}.  "HelloI'mSuzywithAcmeCompanyandwehaveeverythingyouneed.  Whatwouldyouliketobuytoday?"

Certainly there are many things in life more annoying than MIPTC complains about, but MIPTC is tired of being called at home, and I've signed up for the Do Not Call Registry with just about every telephone number I'm even remotely connected with.  The calls have gotten less, but they're still getting through. 

You too?  You're still getting calls even though you've already signed up for the Do Not Call Registry?  Well, you have several options:

The last one is my personal favorite.  Typically the caller responds that she won't give you her home telephone number, and I'll respond with "Then why are you calling me at home?" 

Then my phone goes {Click} {Dial tone}.

They usually get the message. 

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 2/11/2007 at 13:38 Comments (2)



Comments by Douglas Martin from United States on Friday, February 16, 2007 at 16:16

I have found asking them for the name of the call center has an interesting impact as well... especially after I have informed them of the fact that I am on the National Do Not Call Register... "and that I just want to keep track of which call center is calling me so that I can turn it over to the Attorney General if it happens again." To date, I have yet to receive the name of the call center. Most try to tell me they are calling for XYZ Corporation to which I press the issue, "I know you are calling for XYZ Corporation - but I want to know who your employer is, where your call center is and the phone number of the manager/owner of that call center."


Comments by Tanker from United States on Wednesday, February 14, 2007 at 12:42

This man's website states he's made several thousand dollars in small claims suing telemarketers... Think it's legit?
I'd put the URL here, but you disallow... how about google search for "Kill the Calls"


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