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Quote of the Day - The market for BlackBerry is our core customer base and that's what we've targeted. - Mike Lazaridis

BlackBerry Nears The Black Screen Of Death

Two million man hours later, your BlackBerry might work, according to RIM lawyers who appeared in Court today in a last-ditch effort to avoid the shutdown of BlackBerry's email service.  They reported to the Court that they have a "patch" to avoid violating the patent that the company is still apparently violating, despite an almost four-year-old verdict.

They need time to implement it.  Two million man hours. 

If you work for the federal government and use a BlackBerry, then you may not have to worry, however.  The Justice Department is trying to convince the Court that you fit into an exemption that will allow BlackBerry's email service to continue to work.  How RIM could ever distinguish between keeping government employee emails working and shutting down private emails is an open question, however. 

Meanwhile, the two companies continue to hurl accusations back and forth, but one freight train appears hurtling down the tracks:  RIM will likely get shut down in the near future unless it reaches a settlement with the patent holder, and your BlackBerry's screen will go black for the last time.

Posted by J. Craig Williams on 2/24/2006 at 19:37 Comments (0)


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