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Category: Telecommunications

8/30/2017Understand the First Amendment from Hate Speech to Violence to President Trump's Twitter Account
3/30/2016Wells Fargo Pays Attorney General and District Attorneys to Settle Case; Nothing Paid to Victims
1/19/2012Revisiting Citizens United in an Election Year
1/17/2012A Lawyer In Your Pocket?
1/11/2012Invest In An Internet Video Start-up And Get Sued
12/29/2011A Remote Wipe May Strand You Without Data: What Now?
11/18/2010A Test Lab For Social Media In The Courts
11/6/2010Legal Pioneer & Hope For Vision
6/16/2010Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Tweets The Courtroom
6/10/2010Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Goes Online To The Movement
5/6/2010Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Goes Calling On Apple's New 4G Phone
11/5/2009Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Seizes Emails Under The Fourth Amendment
8/9/2009Prying Back The Lid On The CAN-Spam Act: No Private Right To Challenge Spammers
5/1/2009Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Gets The List On Craigslist
4/20/2009Can Someone Explain Twitter To Me?
4/16/2009Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Finds Online Interference in the Jury Box
4/14/2009Green Your Career: Incisive Media To Host Networking Breakfast At Legal Tech West
4/10/2009Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Gets SaaS-y
3/1/2009New Gizmo Gadget Review: Verizon's Network Extender
2/20/2009Behind Lawyer2Lawyer: The Legal Talk Network
2/5/2009Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Gets Techie
2/5/2009How Much Is A Typo Worth? How Do You Spell Verizon?
2/4/2009Lawyer to Lawyer Internet Radio Visits The Stars Of LegalTech NY
1/15/2009Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio is Twitterpated, Again
1/9/2009Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Looks Back at 2008
1/7/2009Directors And Shareholders Can't Switch Hats During An Adversarial Shareholder Derivative Suit
1/4/20092009 Legal News: The Fourth Annual Legal Louie Awards
12/27/2008Put That Cell Phone Down And Drive
10/30/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio is Twitterpated
9/9/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Gets Duped
8/10/2008No Honor Among Thieves: Black Hat Conference Press Room Hack
8/5/2008Copyright Issues Face Rapidly Changing Technology – Remote DVR Copiers OK For Now
8/3/2008Avvo Appoints J. Craig Williams To Its Legal Advisory Board
7/16/2008Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Talks To Jonathan Zittrain About The Future Of The Internet
6/29/2008What Is A Live Tree? The Ninth Circuit Finally Decides
6/11/2008Driving While Talking: California's Newest Crime
5/16/2008First Music Download Trial Verdict May Get Overturned
4/17/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Takes Up The Pending Shield Law In Congress
4/1/2008MIPTC Announces J. Craig Williams's New Book: How To Get Sued
3/2/2008MIPTC’S Occasional Book Review: Solo by Choice, by Carolyn Elefant
2/8/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Gets Sweet on Legal Technology
1/25/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Steps in to the Virtual Law Office
1/21/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Gets Social With Networks
12/31/20072007 Legal News: The Third Annual Legal Louie Awards
12/9/2007Another Class Action; Another Useless Feature?
11/15/2007When The Fat Pipe Gets Thin
10/13/2007The Future Is Now: The Science And Technology Of Today Will Change Our Lives Tomorrow
9/16/2007California's Newest Crime - TDWT - Teens Driving While Texting
9/7/2007Stay Tuned: Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake Super Bowl Performance Set For Rerun
8/26/2007The Seven-point Personal Information Technology Property Manifesto
5/15/2007Is It The Beginning Of The End? Outsourcing Local News To India
5/2/2007Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Explores (Not So) Patently Obvious Rulings From The Supreme Court
3/26/2007Network Digital Video Recorders Suffer Setback From Movie Studio Lawsuit
3/22/2007Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Gets Technical
2/22/2007Why Does E-discovery Matter?
2/21/2007E-discovery Battles And Consequences Come Home To Roost For New York Company In Bankruptcy
2/11/2007Is The Do Not Call Registry Working? How Many Calls Are You Still Getting At Home?
2/9/2007Lawyer to Lawyer Internet Radio Goes Ape
1/4/2007Coast to Coast Internet Radio Predicts the Future
1/2/2007Computer Survey: 'Nothing Personal' Shows How Much Employees Misunderstand Email
12/31/2006One Resolution Many Will Thank You For Making
12/23/2006Your Computer Can Bring You Into The 19th Century
12/19/2006There's No Reason Theft Of Sensitive Data Should Be Exposed Potentially Waiving Privilege And Privacy Rights And What To Do About It If It Happens
12/16/2006Communications Decency Act Comes To The Rescue Of Employers
12/14/2006Coast to Coast Internet Radio Goes On A JAG In Iraq
11/20/2006Everyday Users, er, Distributors, Of The Internet Immune From Libel Law For Now
11/18/2006GPS May Stand For Government Positioning System (Of You)
10/25/2006Insurers Not Allowed To Collect Deductibles In Subrogation Suits
10/22/2006The Million Dollar Comma Used As A Curved Sword
9/29/2006Coast to Coast Internet Radio Goes To Online CLE School
8/28/2006Net Neutrality Heads Toward Showdown In Senate; May Get Sidelined
8/27/2006California PUC Lifts Price Limits On Land Line Phones
8/11/2006Coast to Coast Internet Radio Slices The Double-edged Sword Of Legal Technology
8/6/2006Beware California Lawyers: The State Bar Is Selling Your Email Address
7/26/2006MIPTC Potpourri: Podcasts, Elections, Debates, Prop 64, Books, Blogs, Objections and Sharks
7/19/2006Cable Guy Not Liable For Punitive Damages
7/14/2006Push Zero If You Want To Secretly Tape Telephone Conversations With Californians
6/27/2006CraigsList Finds Friends In Battle Against Newspapers
6/23/2006What's In Those Privacy Disclosures From AT&T?
6/5/2006There's No Reason Theft Of Sensitive Data Should Be Exposed To Criminals
5/14/2006Cleaning Up Your Computer's Environment: Attorneys To The Rescue
4/22/2006Coast to Coast Internet Radio Goes On The Road To The ABA Techshow
3/4/2006RIM and NTP Are In The Make-up Honeymoon Phase. Will It Last This Time?
2/24/2006BlackBerry Nears The Black Screen Of Death
2/19/2006Making Fairness Opinions Fair For Everyone
2/13/2006Can The Government Subpoena Reporter's Telephone Records?
1/24/2006Those Pesky Little Licenses For BlackBerrys and Utah Dads
1/18/2006Endangered Species: Trees Masquerading As Cell Phone Towers
12/19/2005New Legal Talk Show To Hit Airwaves Next Year
11/30/2005Black-and-Blue Berry May Suffer KO
11/18/2005Coast To Coast Internet Radio Program On The Reauthorization Of The Patriot Act
11/12/2005Smile, Your Honor, You're On Candid Camera
11/9/2005Podspider Grants MIPTC Its 5-Star Award
10/17/2005Blawg Review #28
11/11/2003What's Your Number? (A Bad Telemarketer Line)

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