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Category: Class action

4/15/2016Will the Federal Consumer Protection Bureau and the State Bar Ensure Recovered Funds Go to Defrauded Homeowners?
4/5/2016Must California Businesses Provide Seats For Employees?
3/30/2016Wells Fargo Pays Attorney General and District Attorneys to Settle Case; Nothing Paid to Victims
12/9/2010The Supreme Court and the Walmart Gender Discrimination Class-Action
10/21/2010Facebook Privacy Breach: Real Or Imagined?
8/12/2010Elena Kagan's Confirmation Gets Reviewed On Lawyer2Lawyer
4/15/2010Lawyer2Lawyer Workers' Compensation Claims For NFL Players Coping With Dementia
2/11/2010Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Reviews The Recalls From Toyota And Honda
10/30/2009Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Reviews The Birth Control Litigation
9/5/2009Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Goes A Second Round On Credit Card Disputes
8/27/2009Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Racks Up The Charges On The Credit Card Disputes
3/31/2009Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Discusses the Employee Free Choice Act
12/17/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Discusses the Controversy Over Gardasil
8/14/2008Lawyer2Lawyer Talks To Legendary Trial Attorney Gerry Spence
7/23/2008Court Of Appeal Strikes Down Class Status For Restaurant Workers Suing Over Breaks
3/3/2008Tip Of The Day: Dig Out Those Gift Cards You Received And Cash Them In
2/4/2008Not Really The News Wanted Before Mardi Gras Court Puts Damper On Party
1/1/2008The Chocolate Wars Erupt: Allegations Of A Chocolate Cartel Fixing Prices
12/23/2007Lawyer Rating Service Avvo Gets Early Christmas Present; Launches New Features
12/9/2007Another Class Action; Another Useless Feature?
10/30/2007From One Fire To The Next: What Happens After The 2007 California Fires Are Out?
9/24/2007Tip 'O The Hat To Lawyer Mark Robinson
9/19/2007No Comment
8/30/2007Homeland Security Puts CalTech JPL Scientists Under A Microscope
8/19/2007Private Company Levels Class Action Against DHL For Delivering Nothing More Than A Bill
7/29/2007In Response To CAFA, Federal Class Actions Plummet; State Class Actions See Slight Uptick
7/5/2007Avvo Founder Responds To Blogosphere Criticisms; Changes Site
6/21/2007Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Explores Animal Law
6/18/2007Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Rates
5/21/2007Who Needs Tort Reform? The Supreme Court Sends Plaintiffs Packing.
3/2/2007Unions Can't Represent Employees In Overtime Cases Without Authorization
2/24/2007Check That Credit Card Recepit - You Could Be Sued
2/23/2007Lawyer to Lawyer Smokes Out The Latest Supreme Court Punitive Damages Ruling
1/26/2007California Supreme Court Slices Through Privacy Rights, Opens Corporate Records To Class-action Counsel
1/18/2007Coast to Coast Internet Radio Plugs In E-discovery Experts
12/10/2006Wholly Guacamole, Batman! How Many Avocados In That Dip?
10/27/2006Coast to Coast Internet Radio Gets Merck's Perspective
10/8/2006U-Haul's Refueling Fee May Amount To Unfair Competition, But Two Charges Dismissed
9/7/2006Coast to Coast Internet Radio Takes on Vioxx
7/14/2006Push Zero If You Want To Secretly Tape Telephone Conversations With Californians
6/23/2006What's In Those Privacy Disclosures From AT&T?
5/14/2006Cleaning Up Your Computer's Environment: Attorneys To The Rescue
3/17/2006Coast to Coast Internet Radio Covers The Class Action Fairness Act
3/14/2006Business Owners May Not Be Individually Liable To Employees For Unpaid Wages
1/20/2006Specific Employment Class Action Waiver Held Enforceable
12/23/2005The Theory Of Punitive Damages Gets A Christmas Facelift
12/16/2005Senator Lott Sues State Farm Over Hurricane Damage; Convinces Senate To Pass Aid Package
12/13/2005WARN Layoffs Not Triggered When Company Transfers Employment Contracts
11/29/2005Don't Drink That And Don't Eat That. Just Stick With Water. And Don't Forget To Exercise, Too.
10/17/2005Blawg Review #28
12/22/2003Wear a Vest or Dodge Bullets? Maybe Both.
9/7/2003No Free Lunch for Class Action Opt-outs

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