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Category: Appeals

4/15/2016Will the Federal Consumer Protection Bureau and the State Bar Ensure Recovered Funds Go to Defrauded Homeowners?
4/5/2016Must California Businesses Provide Seats For Employees?
6/3/2013You Can't Stop Your Home Address From Being Given to Your Union
4/26/2013The Big Print Giveth and the Small Print Taketh Away
3/14/2013When Is a Volunteer an Employee Covered by Work Comp? It Depends on the Pixie Dust you Sprinkle.
2/21/2013When Is A 10¢ Charge Imposed by the Government Not A Tax?
9/5/2012The Endless Summer...Keep SurfAid Working Year 'Round
4/30/2012Jury Awards $4.5 Million Punitive Damages Against Company With Negative Net Worth
1/9/2012How Many Settlements Will This Insurance Company Have To Pay?
1/4/2012Finally, Some Sanity In CEQA Land Use Decisions
8/12/2010Elena Kagan's Confirmation Gets Reviewed On Lawyer2Lawyer
8/5/2010The Decision To Strike Down California's Prop 8
1/26/2010Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Goes To Court On The Supreme Court's Campaign Finance Ruling
11/19/2009Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Puts The New York Terror Trial To The Test
8/9/2009Prying Back The Lid On The CAN-Spam Act: No Private Right To Challenge Spammers
8/4/2009Employer May Videotape Workplace
8/2/2009Playing Fast And Loose With Deeds Will Land You Without Land
8/1/2009Guns And Scots - The Ninth Circuit Takes A Second Look At Gun Ban At Alameda County Fair
7/25/2009MIPTC Is Back And Being Archived Up By The Library of Congress
5/29/2009Lawyer to Lawyer Internet Radio Reviews Judge Sotomayor's Nomination To High Court
4/13/2009Sanctions For Not Settling? Not Any More
4/11/2009What Witnesses See: Credible Or Inexperienced?
3/26/2009The Easiest Way To Make $10,000+++ Every 30 Days
3/24/2009Slander Per Se Versus Slander Per Quod
3/12/2009Courts Rule It's Not Nice For Mother Nature To Fool Proposition 65
3/11/2009Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Discusses the Recent Wyeth Ruling
3/9/2009Orange County's Celtic Bar Association Makes It Into A Court Opinion
2/12/2009Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Discusses Justice Ginsburg's Health Scare
2/11/2009Unintended Consequences Of Transferring Title To Property In And Out Of An LLC
2/3/2009CAM Charges Cannot Include Landlord's LLC's Expenses
1/14/2009A Legal Challenge To God At President Obama's Inauguration
1/13/2009Apartment And Business Owners Beware Secondhand Smoke
1/11/2009Dropping A Summons And Complaint Outside A Door Makes Good Service
1/7/2009Directors And Shareholders Can't Switch Hats During An Adversarial Shareholder Derivative Suit
1/5/2009Insurers Not Allowed To Avoid Covering The State For Environmental Liability
1/2/2009Don't Take A Page From This Book: How To Ignore The Government In Three Easy Steps
12/20/2008Fitness Center Avoids Strict Liability Claim For Member Injured On Stepper
12/16/2008Can You Avoid The Tripwire, Please?
11/13/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Talks to the Public - Defender, That Is
11/5/2008In Bankruptcy, You Must Have It And Bare It All Or Risk Dismissal
10/15/2008Can You Sue God? Is It Necessary To Join Satan As An Indispensable Party?
10/14/2008Supreme Court's Chief Justice Takes A Look Back To Writing Style Of The Fifties
10/11/2008Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Goes Smokeless
10/8/2008An At-Will Employment Contract Or A Promise Not To Terminate For Cause?
10/6/2008It Doesn't Pay For Insurance Companies To Negotiate In Bad Faith
10/4/2008What Liability Do Arrangers And Owners Have On Superfund Sites?
9/29/2008One Confidential Mediation Settlement That Didn't Make It Into Evidence
9/17/2008Who's Responsible For Dangerous Dogs?
9/7/2008What's Wrong With This Opinion?
8/16/2008We're Still Arguing Over Hurricane Katrina's Causes
8/13/2008Read Those Mediation Agreements Carefully: Confidentiality Has Exceptions
8/12/2008When You Define 'Livestock,' Would You Include Dogs?
8/5/2008Copyright Issues Face Rapidly Changing Technology – Remote DVR Copiers OK For Now
8/2/2008What Happened To Handwriting?
7/23/2008Court Of Appeal Strikes Down Class Status For Restaurant Workers Suing Over Breaks
7/22/2008Your Day To Play President: Would You Issue A Pardon To Marion Jones?
7/13/2008City's Potholes May Be More Than A Trivial Defect
7/10/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Gets Up Close and Personal with Judge (and Blogger) Nancy Gertner
7/5/2008Court Strikes Down Employment Contract Arbitration Provision
6/29/2008What Is A Live Tree? The Ninth Circuit Finally Decides
6/26/2008Supreme Court Ends Its Term With A Bang, And The Constitution Still Intact
6/19/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Gets Educated on Gitmo
6/17/2008Keystone Klutz Kauses Kozinski Kerfuffle
6/10/2008The Supremes Call 'Em Like They See 'Em: Major League Baseball Strikes Out
6/6/2008With The California Supreme Court Poised To Rule On Non-compete Agreements, Trade Secret Agreements May Come Into Play More Frequently
5/22/2008Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Explores the Debate on Gay Marriage
5/19/2008More HTGS: Off-duty Police Officer Wins Workers Compensation Benefits For Injury
5/16/2008First Music Download Trial Verdict May Get Overturned
5/11/2008Louisiana Begins Its Way Toward Recovery Through Condemndation
5/4/2008In A Commercial Lease Transaction, Brokers Owe No Cross Duty To Disclose
5/3/2008A Lesson Contractors Still Need To Learn: You Must Have A License To Work
5/1/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Discusses Free Case Law
4/29/2008Downstream Landowners Battle Upstream Landowners For Water Rights
4/2/2008Sometimes An Opinion Is Just A Ruling, Not An Opinion
3/31/2008Tightly Regulated Crop Dusters Fly Into Fog Of Regulation
3/30/2008Rah, Rah, Sis, Boom, Bah; Cheerleading Is Not A Contact Sport
3/26/2008Pay First, Litigate Later – Even If You Already Won Once
3/25/2008Not So Friendly Skies: Second Circuit Strikes Down New York's Airline Passenger Bill Of Rights
3/12/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Praises Paralegals
3/12/2008An Alarming Employee Discrimination Verdict
3/7/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Gets A Case Of The Me-too Evidence
3/2/2008MIPTC’S Occasional Book Review: Solo by Choice, by Carolyn Elefant
2/19/2008New Orleans Home and Business Insurers Win In Supreme Court
2/18/2008What Rights Are Left For Criminal Defendants? Miranda And Now, The Fifth.
2/2/2008Lease Accounting 101: Tenants Suing Landlords For Fraud And Maintenance Expenses
1/26/2008Employers Can Fire Employees Even If They Have A Note From Their Doctor To Use Marijuana
1/16/2008Payments, Payments, Payments. When Are They Partial And When Final?
12/31/20072007 Legal News: The Third Annual Legal Louie Awards
12/26/2007Say What You Want, You Can Protest In A Mall Only In California
12/16/2007Employee Can't Recover Attorneys Fees In Employment Dispute For Tort Claims
12/2/2007Dissent Turns Into Majority Opinion; Third Circuit Finally Falls In Line
11/6/2007Signs, Signs Everywhere There's Signs. Except in San Diego And Maybe Beaumont
10/20/2007Santa Monica: Liberal Or Conservative? You Be The Judge
10/16/2007Avon's Trademark Infringement Threats Constitute Case Or Controversy Ripe For Resolution
10/5/2007Supremes Launch New Term - Plenty On The Docket And One Hopeful For The Docket
9/22/2007It Doesn't Exist. It Doesn't. It Doesn't.
9/9/2007Texas Company's Insurance Policy Certificates Issued To Californians Trigger California Law
9/7/2007Stay Tuned: Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake Super Bowl Performance Set For Rerun
9/5/2007Yes, Virginia, We Still Have A Constitution
8/31/2007Should Illegal Aliens Pay Lower In-state Tuition While Out-of-state Citizens Can't?
8/29/2007Farmers Life Insurance Policy Escapes Court Scrutiny, But Not Damning Admission
8/27/2007I STRENUOUSLY Object, Your Honor! - Oh, Make That HEAVILY Object
8/23/2007What Blogs Do Judges Read?
8/22/2007Patent Infringement Cases Take Two Turns To The Right
8/21/2007Surprise: California Can Regulate Itself
8/9/2007California Can Regulate Website Advertising If Water Filters Sold In-state
8/3/2007Fifth Circuit's Guess Denies Katrina Victims' Insurance Claims Pending Louisiana Supreme Court Review
7/30/2007Attorney General Attacks Attorneys On Both Sides Of Prop 65 Settlement
7/25/2007Britons Ask Their Judges: Have You Lost Your Mind? Where's Your Wig?
7/20/2007Do We Still Need The EPA? What Will The Future Bring? How About Social Capital?
7/17/2007How To Lose A CEQA Appeal, Even When You Win
7/16/2007Law School Casebooks To Be Rewritten Given This New Opinion Striking Waivers of Gross Negligence
7/9/2007Hey Congress, How Much Is That Judge In The Window?
7/6/2007How A Dissent Became The Majority Opinion
7/3/2007What's A Face On A Label Worth? You Might Be Surprised, But Then Again, Perhaps Not.
7/2/2007What Is The Price Of Getting Dressed In The Morning?
6/30/2007I'd Like A New Brain, Please
6/28/2007Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Covers the Supreme Court
6/27/2007Supreme Court Restores Santity To CERCLA
6/25/2007Genetic Testing Good Enough To Prove Man Wrongly Named As Father Isn't, But Not Good Enough For A Refund
6/23/2007Gifts Given In Anticipation Of Marriage Not Recoverable When Engagement Ends
6/22/2007Kentucky Creates Tort Of Intentional Trespass Presumably To Make Damages Easier To Recover
6/13/2007Anti-bootlegging Statute Stands The Test: Copyright Violations Can Be Criminal
6/12/2007Big Or Small, California Has Room For All; Just Not in My Backyard
6/9/2007Can We Fix Everything? Should We?
6/4/2007Fourth Circuit Denies Copyright To Non-unique Website
6/3/2007State Cannot Take Your Property Without Notice To You
5/31/2007Water Battle Rages - But Do We Have The Issues Framed Right?
5/30/2007Equal Pay Claims Subject To 180-day Statute Of Limitation From Date Of Injury
5/26/2007Court Sideswipes Coastal Commission's Attempt To Create Public Property Rights
5/22/2007Easements Mean What They Say, Especially Surface Easements
5/21/2007Who Needs Tort Reform? The Supreme Court Sends Plaintiffs Packing.
5/19/2007RICO Gets A Transfusion: Unum Life Insurance And Microsoft Left Bleeding
4/22/2007DNA Proves Husband Is Not Dad, But He Has To Pay Child Support Anyway
3/7/2007Lawyer to Lawyer Internet Radio Gets A Sidebar With The Bench
3/4/2007Punitive Damages Award Reduced To Amount NTE Compensatory Damages
3/3/2007What Kind Of An Agreement Does It Take To Buy Real Property?
3/2/2007Unions Can't Represent Employees In Overtime Cases Without Authorization
2/24/2007Check That Credit Card Recepit - You Could Be Sued
2/23/2007Lawyer to Lawyer Smokes Out The Latest Supreme Court Punitive Damages Ruling
2/15/2007Alabama Sex Toys Fall Prey To Legislation Regulating Public Morality
2/14/2007Follow The Bouncing BLIPS To See Who Wins The War
2/13/2007Locomotive Huggers Beware: You'll Lose Your Case Without A Plan
2/8/2007Immigrant Twice Deported Sent Back A Third Time
2/7/2007Injured Skiers Don't Seem To Get The Message When They Sue Ski Resorts
2/6/2007Spin The Bottle For Insurance Deductibles
1/31/2007Yes, Goddammit, You Can Curse In A Public Meeting
1/26/2007California Supreme Court Slices Through Privacy Rights, Opens Corporate Records To Class-action Counsel
1/23/2007The Dance Between Selling Property And The Subdivision Map Act
1/22/2007Forget $600 Hammers - How About A $500 Damage Limit To Cover A $1.8 Millon Loader?
1/21/2007Unequal Application Of Tax To Water Rights Holders Declared Unconstitutional
1/20/2007Child Born Out Of Wedlock Entitled To Share In Father's Estate, Even Without A Will
1/9/2007Who Shares In The Profits From The Charlie's Angels Movies?
1/8/2007Courts Can't Order Parties To Mandatory Mediation
1/7/2007Should You Worry That The Space Shuttle Was Built By The Lowest Bidder?
1/4/2007Coast to Coast Internet Radio Predicts the Future
1/3/2007From The Battle of Hastings, We Get A Baby's Last Name
12/28/2006Here's An Impossible Task For The Supreme Court: Phony Ads or Real Ads?
12/16/2006Communications Decency Act Comes To The Rescue Of Employers
12/11/2006Distinguishing Paper Money Remains A Challenge For The Blind
12/9/2006Is Gun Ownership Necessary? Can We Just Erase The Second Amendment?
12/8/2006Coast to Coast Internet Radio Gets Toasty
12/6/2006Twice Is Just As Nice: If Firing Your Employee Didn't Work The First Time, Then Try It Again
12/3/2006How Can You Lose A Case You Already Won? Read on ...
12/1/2006Newspapers Are Dead; Internet Dispenses Expert News And Analysis Like No Other
11/20/2006Everyday Users, er, Distributors, Of The Internet Immune From Libel Law For Now
11/19/2006Court Allows Long-winded City Meetings To Continue Late Into The Night
11/15/2006CraigsList Wins Battle Against Newspapers (Chicago Lawyers Committee For Civil Rights, Really)
11/11/2006Freezing Your California Credit Report May No Longer Be An Option: Stay Tuned
11/10/2006Complain? Who Complained? Not Me, But Hear My Case Anyway.
11/8/2006Do Gifted Students Have A Disability? Should 'No Child Left Behind' Be 'No Child Gets Ahead'?
11/6/2006Hearing The Supreme Court Is Much More Difficult Than Understanding The Issues
11/5/2006Taking A Shot On The Highest Court In The Land
11/3/2006Home Invasion Alarm Vote Lands Fremont City Manager, Council In Hot Water
10/30/2006Vigilante Bounty-hunter Or ADA-Crusader? You Be The Judge.
10/28/2006The Halloween Queen Fights City Hall Over Sign Law
10/25/2006Insurers Not Allowed To Collect Deductibles In Subrogation Suits
10/24/20062006 Judicial Election Picks From MIPTC
10/23/2006Nebraska Court Snuffs Out Claim For T-shirt That Caught Fire
10/20/2006Should Snarky S's Sneak Into High Court Opinions? We Need A Ruling.
10/19/2006The City Ordered To Repay Macy's Overpaid Taxes, With Interest
10/15/2006Bail Bond Forfeited Despite Delay In Hearing Requiring Defendant's Appearance
10/9/2006No Recovery For Slip And Fall While Walking Diogi The Dog
10/8/2006U-Haul's Refueling Fee May Amount To Unfair Competition, But Two Charges Dismissed
10/6/2006Does Your Insurance Policy Cover Your Business Contracts?
10/5/2006Insurance Company That Slept On Its Rights Denied Remedy
10/4/2006Bodily Injury Excluded From Residential Real Estate Arbitration Requirement
10/1/2006Court Rules Insurance Reserves Discoverable In Bad Faith Cases
9/30/2006Round One In Trademark Battle Goes To Google; Roadmap For Challenge Set
9/24/2006Third Circuit Turns CERCLA On Its Head; Companies Take Note: Don't Voluntarily Clean Up
9/23/2006Bad E-discovery Questions Result in $30,000 Cost-shift To Plaintiff's Tab
9/21/2006Ninth Circuit Schools Employers How To Handle Disgruntled Employees
9/12/2006The Party Of The Second Part Didn't Buy The Party Of The First Part's Non-competition Agreement
9/9/2006Is There A Remedy For Every Wrong?
9/8/2006Contested Water District Elections Stir Controversy
9/6/2006Supreme Court Denies Newspaper Access To Names Of Disciplined Police Officers
9/4/2006What Causes The Color In The Salmon You're Eating?
8/29/2006Government Derails Prop 13 Benefits For Testamentary Trusts
8/25/2006A Bump In The Moral Compass; But Which Way?
8/22/2006Missouri's Attempt To Regulate Sex Billboards Fails Constitutional Muster
8/21/2006Homeowner Who Hires Next-door Neighbor Becomes An Employer, Liable For Injuries
8/16/2006Worker's Compensation Appeals Board 25% Penalty Ruled Out-of-Line
8/13/2006Volunteers May Recover Contamination Cleanup Costs From Potentially Liable Parties
8/10/2006Do Billboards Have A Right To Be Seen?
8/3/2006Coast to Coast Internet Radio Talks Blawgging At Big Firms
8/2/2006Pro Per Plaintiff Leaves No Doubt What He Thinks Of The Lower Court Proceedings
8/1/2006Leaky Condo Roof Turns Seller's Failure To Disclose Into Costly Exercise
7/30/2006Is The Writing On That Napkin A Contract?
7/29/2006How Landis Handles The Court Of Public Opinion Offers Businesses A Case Study Opportunity
7/26/2006MIPTC Potpourri: Podcasts, Elections, Debates, Prop 64, Books, Blogs, Objections and Sharks
7/23/2006IRS Can't Apply The Internal Revenue Code Retroactively
7/19/2006Cable Guy Not Liable For Punitive Damages
7/17/2006Neo, Did You See That Ripple In The Internet?
7/14/2006Push Zero If You Want To Secretly Tape Telephone Conversations With Californians
7/13/2006Coast to Coast Internet Radio Appeals to the Supreme Court
7/12/2006Insurer Must Pay Attorneys Fees Of Third Party Suing On Assigned Claim
7/6/2006What's On Your Favorite Government Employee's Electronic Calendar?
6/28/2006The Boilerplate Of Oral Contracts
6/21/2006Navigable Wetlands Doesn't Mean That Puddle In Your Backyard
6/15/2006Supreme Court Announces 'No Knock But OK to Pounce' Rule
6/15/2006Career Manager Helps Celebrity Avoid Million-dollar Judgment In Hollywierd
6/13/2006Modesto Contamination Punitive Verdict In: Big Numbers, But Not Likely To Last
6/6/2006It Comes Down To This: Kelo Gets Evicted
6/3/2006Court Strikes Down The ADR Oddity of 'Binding Mediation'
5/31/2006Court Declares Bloggers Journalists
5/27/2006Modesto Seeks To Hold Chemical Manufacturers Liable For Contamination
5/25/2006Spousal Support Doesn't Have To Last Forever
5/23/2006Would You Hire This Law School Graduate To Be Your Lawyer?
5/22/2006In Some Cases, Government Is By The People And For The People. In Other Cases, Maybe Not.
5/21/2006Defective Design And Improper Warnings May Bypass Assumption Of The Risk Defenses
5/19/2006Underground Viewing Chamber Leaks Lead To Large Verdict Against Insurance Company
5/17/2006Fore Is Just Etiquette, Not A Requirement
5/12/2006USACOE 3, Turtles 0, Beach Replenishment Still Undone
5/9/2006Don't Complain To Me: Write To Your Legislator
5/7/2006Professor Beats Team Of Lawyers, Bar Association
4/27/2006Did You Get Your Refund Of California's Hazardous Materials Fee?
4/26/2006In terrorem Clauses Must Also Be Included In Amendments And Codicils
4/21/2006O'Grady v. Apple Arguments Submitted To Court - Testing Subpoena Of Blogger's Sources
4/18/2006Boring Old Patents Just Got Interesting
4/16/2006New Category In The Law: Why Appeal?
3/31/2006Big Or Small, 2,500 Square Feet Measures the Same
3/30/2006NIMBY Strikes Malibu Development Down
3/29/2006How To Prevent A Fee Simple Absolute From Becoming A Prescriptive Easement
3/28/2006It's Not Nice To Fool The Attorney General (Or The Court Of Appeal) With Prop 65 Settlements
3/23/2006How Many Writings Does It Take To Have A Written Agremeent?
3/20/2006Assessing the Assessor's Assessments
3/18/2006USEPA Prohibited From Applying Different Air Pollution Rules To Major Sources Of Emissions
3/16/2006Another Reason To Review Your Bank Statements
3/14/2006Business Owners May Not Be Individually Liable To Employees For Unpaid Wages
3/12/2006Appellate Court Puts Its Foot Down On Local Court Rules That Violate Statewide Mandates
3/2/2006Sea Sponges Take Over Appellate Brief
2/25/2006MIPTC's Book Review: Advice and Consent - The Politics Of Judicial Appointments
2/20/2006Where Is The Lesson In $990,000 Award To Hell's Angels?
2/19/2006Making Fairness Opinions Fair For Everyone
2/17/2006Take It With A Grain Of .... It's Not A Pollutant Anymore
2/13/2006Can The Government Subpoena Reporter's Telephone Records?
2/11/2006"We're Not 'Within The Class Of People' Required To Pay Taxes," And Other Fantasies
2/10/2006Dividing Up Life Insurance Without Directions From The Insured
2/7/2006The $1.5 Million Facsimiles You Received On Your Fax Machine
2/4/2006The Court Writes Another Boring Indemnity Opinion - Or So They Say
2/3/2006If You Have To Walk A Mile For A Camel, Then Does Your Employer Have To Pay You?
2/1/2006Pirates, Finders-keepers And Sunken Treasure
1/29/2006Off-duty, Non-required Physical Activity Not Covered By Work Comp
1/28/2006Coast to Coast Looks At The Role Of DNA Evidence In Criminal Convictions
1/27/2006Can Skiers And Snowboarders Co-exist In The Slopes Of The Court Of Appeals?
1/24/2006Those Pesky Little Licenses For BlackBerrys and Utah Dads
1/20/2006Specific Employment Class Action Waiver Held Enforceable
1/19/2006'X' Marks The Spot Means More Than Pirate Treasure
1/18/2006Endangered Species: Trees Masquerading As Cell Phone Towers
1/17/2006The Shortest Sentence Introduces The Long Arm Of The Law
1/16/2006Parents Can't Divorce Children
1/13/2006Property Owner Denied Right To Recover Environmental Cleanup Costs
1/11/2006Employee's Surfing Pornographic Web Sites At Work Lands Employer In Hot Water
1/10/2006Pollution Coverage Exclusion Narrowed By Maryland Courts
1/7/2006Government Loses Big Battle Over Excessive Developer Fees
12/28/2005The Time To Enforce Payment Of Your Mortgage Is A Long Way Off
12/27/2005Insurance Company's Coverage Dodge Doesn't Work To Avoid Liability To Third Party
12/23/2005The Theory Of Punitive Damages Gets A Christmas Facelift
12/22/2005Law Firm Partnership Agreements Upheld Against Fee-splitting Allegations
12/21/2005Redevelopment Housing Projects Not Subject To Prevailing Wage Law
12/17/2005How A Dissent Can Become A Majority Opinion
12/13/2005WARN Layoffs Not Triggered When Company Transfers Employment Contracts
12/10/2005Coast To Coast Internet Radio Program On Military Recruiting In Law Schools
12/9/2005Does The Bible Have A Place In The Courtroom?
12/8/2005Police Task Force Meetings Subject To Public Scrutiny, Open Meetings
12/7/2005The Rules Change For Modifying Consent Decrees
12/3/2005The Legal Aftermath of Medical Marijuana
12/2/2005Removing Or Remediating Contamination Has Big Consequences For Your Pocketbook
12/1/2005Coast To Coast Internet Radio Program Tackles Abortion Parental Notification
11/30/2005Black-and-Blue Berry May Suffer KO
11/27/2005The Interplay Of Politics, Money, Insurance, Courts And Pollution
11/26/2005You Be The Judge: Approve A Courtroom Stabbing Reenactment?
11/22/2005Closing Meetings To Discuss Eminent Domain Litigation Puts San Diego's CCDC In Hot Water
11/15/2005Doting On Supreme Court Nominations At The Expense Of Others
11/14/2005Type I, Type II, Type III, Which Indemnity Clause Is Your Contract Type?
11/10/2005A Crack In BlackBerry's Case?
11/7/2005Arkansas and Oklahoma Battle It Out Again Over Water Contamination
11/5/2005Straightening Out The Effects Of Kelo v. New London
11/3/2005They Forgot Prop 13 And Taxation Without Representation
11/2/2005Who Teaches Your Children About Sex?
10/26/2005Local Rules Once Again Come Under Fire; When Will Judges Learn?
10/17/2005Blawg Review #28
3/5/2004GE Wins Challenge Against USEPA Superfund Order
2/18/2004Inventing Slagacre
2/16/2004Copyright Infringment Redux
1/15/2004Clean Fleet Rules May Likely Go Down in Flames
1/13/2004Florida Polluted Water Has Nationwide Effect
12/27/2003Ground Zero - Legislation by the Executive Branch
12/21/2003Corporate Successor Liability Depends on State Law
12/20/2003Sure, Search My Car. I Want to Go to Jail.
12/18/2003X for Snowmobiles in Yellowstone
12/11/2003Quashing Grand Jury Contempt Orders the Right Way
12/9/2003Vote for FRAP / The Washington Water Wrangle
11/28/2003Handwritten Note may Force $16.5 Million Purchase
11/26/2003Perish the Thought - Citing Unpublished Opinions
11/25/2003Pumping Water Turns into Fire
11/24/2003Insurers Held to Tight Deadlines
11/17/200314 States File to Enjoin Loosened Air Act Regs
11/16/2003Lawsuits Over MTBE Contamination May Soon Go Away
11/14/2003Big Exxon Verdict, Small Dispute
11/13/2003Solutions for Strip Mines and Scarred Landscapes
11/11/2003What's Your Number? (A Bad Telemarketer Line)
11/2/2003Punitive Damages Available Against the Navy
10/23/2003Irish Castles Will Not Go Up In Smoke
10/17/2003How Not To Pay for Environmental Contamination
10/16/2003California Appeals Court Curtails Internet Speech
10/14/2003What Can We Pledge Allegiance To?
10/6/2003More Hits from the Supremes?
9/28/2003Touch Me, But Don't Invade My Privacy
9/27/2003Two Towers, Two Planes, One Occurrence, Too Bad
9/15/2003Ahhhnold is Temporarily Terminated
9/15/2003Diesel Emission Limits Under Study
9/12/2003Plenty Of Dogs In This Fight
9/5/2003Eureka! But Not Anymore
8/29/2003I'll Take Two Lumps, Please
8/25/2003Go Forth and Copy No More
8/15/2003The Absolute Pollution Exclusion Isn't
8/13/2003I Don’t Make These Things Up - I Just Report Them
8/5/2003The Statute of Limitations is Real

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