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Category: Tax

1/4/2012Finally, Some Sanity In CEQA Land Use Decisions
4/1/2010Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Delves Into The New Health Care Reform Controversy
4/12/2009April 15 Tea Party Tax Protest Under Full Swing
9/25/2008Latest Financial News: Microsoft And Apple Take Over Failed Government Treasury Funds
7/18/2008What Adds Up When You Combine Trusts, Corporations, Foundations & Offshore Entities?
3/26/2008Pay First, Litigate Later Even If You Already Won Once
12/8/2007No Separation Of Church And State For Ministries Taking Tax Advantages
11/19/2007Pet Trusts Come Into Vogue As Pets Get Old; Retirement Homes, Too
10/5/2007Supremes Launch New Term - Plenty On The Docket And One Hopeful For The Docket
6/15/2007US Government Loses Right To Collect Nearly $175 Million In Back Taxes Due To Typo
2/14/2007Follow The Bouncing BLIPS To See Who Wins The War
2/10/2007We March Steadily Toward April 15
2/3/2007Not A Blip On The Tax Radar Screen - Tax Shelters Denied
1/21/2007Unequal Application Of Tax To Water Rights Holders Declared Unconstitutional
12/7/2006U.S. Mint Does Literal Double-take Over Double Eagle Coins
11/30/2006Coast to Coast Internet Gets the Skinny on Compliance
11/22/2006Don't Call Your Legislator; They're Busy Correcting Typos
10/19/2006The City Ordered To Repay Macy's Overpaid Taxes, With Interest
9/17/2006Liberty Dollar Coins Strike At Heart Of U.S. Mint
9/16/2006Who's Funding The Campaign Against Prop 87, The $400 Million Tax On Oil?
8/29/2006Government Derails Prop 13 Benefits For Testamentary Trusts
8/4/2006Tech Tip Of The Day And Blog Update; Request for Updated Links
7/23/2006IRS Can't Apply The Internal Revenue Code Retroactively
6/6/2006It Comes Down To This: Kelo Gets Evicted
5/29/2006It Gives New Meaning To The Term 'Short-Form' Tax Return
5/22/2006In Some Cases, Government Is By The People And For The People. In Other Cases, Maybe Not.
5/5/2006Line 7 to Line 21 - How (Not) To Get To Zero On Your Tax Return
3/8/2006Smoke 'em While You Got 'em. You May Be Paying The Taxes Anyway.
2/11/2006"We're Not 'Within The Class Of People' Required To Pay Taxes," And Other Fantasies
1/25/2006Paying Taxes: Sport Or Folly?
1/7/2006Government Loses Big Battle Over Excessive Developer Fees
12/21/2005Redevelopment Housing Projects Not Subject To Prevailing Wage Law
11/3/2005They Forgot Prop 13 And Taxation Without Representation
10/30/2005Instead Of Paying Taxes, Then Again, You Could Be Broke
10/17/2005Blawg Review #28
3/16/2004Taxing Environmental Costs

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