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Category: Employment

5/17/2018Phishing Alert: Suspicious Emails Targeting California Licensed Attorneys
6/3/2013You Can't Stop Your Home Address From Being Given to Your Union
3/14/2013When Is a Volunteer an Employee Covered by Work Comp? It Depends on the Pixie Dust you Sprinkle.
4/30/2012Jury Awards $4.5 Million Punitive Damages Against Company With Negative Net Worth
4/19/2012How Congress Takes A Congressional Junket Without Letting Anyone Know
4/12/2012Women's Rights: Who Gets To Decide What Happens To Women's Bodies? Your Favorite Government?
12/27/2011The Fight For Legal Rights Of War Dogs
12/8/2011How to Help Veterans
11/23/2011The Impact Of Budget Cuts On The Court System
6/23/2011Sheyanne's Blog
5/17/2011Now Avvocating Doctors...See Unabashed Ratings Of Your Doctor
12/9/2010The Supreme Court and the Walmart Gender Discrimination Class-Action
7/31/2010Obama's Financial Reform Bill: Boon Or Bust?
4/15/2010Lawyer2Lawyer Workers' Compensation Claims For NFL Players Coping With Dementia
4/8/2010Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Looks At Obama's Union Lawyer Appointments To NLRB
4/1/2010Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Delves Into The New Health Care Reform Controversy
10/22/2009Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Employs New York Law For Rate Of Pay Issues
8/26/2009Court Validates Government's Right To Require Federal Contractors To Use Online System To Verify Employment Eligibility of New Hires
8/22/2009Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Crosses The Ages
8/4/2009Employer May Videotape Workplace
7/28/2009CEO, CFO And Manager Held Individually Liable For Employee Unpaid Wages Upon Corporation's Bankruptcy
6/11/2009Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Looks Up At A Down Economy In Law Firms
5/14/2009Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Explores Asbestos Litigation
4/14/2009Green Your Career: Incisive Media To Host Networking Breakfast At Legal Tech West
3/31/2009Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Discusses the Employee Free Choice Act
3/24/2009Slander Per Se Versus Slander Per Quod
2/12/2009Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Discusses Justice Ginsburg's Health Scare
1/19/2009Surprise! Economy Is Down, Litigation Is Up
1/16/2009What Does A Floating Plane Have To Do With The Economy?
1/4/20092009 Legal News: The Fourth Annual Legal Louie Awards
12/4/2008How to Get Sued
10/11/2008Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Goes Smokeless
10/8/2008An At-Will Employment Contract Or A Promise Not To Terminate For Cause?
9/19/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Covers the Fall of Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc.
9/9/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Gets Duped
8/22/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Covers the School Scene
8/8/2008Noncompetition Agreements Struck Down By California Supreme Court
8/3/2008Avvo Appoints J. Craig Williams To Its Legal Advisory Board
7/23/2008Court Of Appeal Strikes Down Class Status For Restaurant Workers Suing Over Breaks
7/5/2008Court Strikes Down Employment Contract Arbitration Provision
6/10/2008The Supremes Call 'Em Like They See 'Em: Major League Baseball Strikes Out
6/6/2008With The California Supreme Court Poised To Rule On Non-compete Agreements, Trade Secret Agreements May Come Into Play More Frequently
5/20/2008More HTGS: Robbers Storm Australian Nightclub With Machetes; G'Day Mate
5/3/2008A Lesson Contractors Still Need To Learn: You Must Have A License To Work
3/28/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Trolls the Patent Blogs
3/20/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Reacts to Spitzer's Big Oops
3/12/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Praises Paralegals
3/12/2008An Alarming Employee Discrimination Verdict
3/7/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Gets A Case Of The Me-too Evidence
3/5/2008Entertainment Law Crosses With Labor Law: Court Rules Contract Non-renewal Race-free, Legitimate Employment Decision
2/28/2008That's A Negative Ghostrider, The Pattern Is Full
1/26/2008Employers Can Fire Employees Even If They Have A Note From Their Doctor To Use Marijuana
12/26/2007Say What You Want, You Can Protest In A Mall Only In California
12/16/2007Employee Can't Recover Attorneys Fees In Employment Dispute For Tort Claims
12/10/2007Hot Off The Digital Press
11/29/2007Wife's Sweet Email Whisperings To Lover End Up In Husband's Hands
11/9/2007WLF's Fifth Annual Fall Harvest Open House - We've Got A New Name
9/6/2007Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Discusses An Age-old Problem
7/29/2007In Response To CAFA, Federal Class Actions Plummet; State Class Actions See Slight Uptick
7/25/2007Britons Ask Their Judges: Have You Lost Your Mind? Where's Your Wig?
7/22/2007It's Sunday, And What Does The Real Estate Section Of The Paper Tell Us?
7/12/2007Yikes! We're Running Out Of Lawyers
7/9/2007Hey Congress, How Much Is That Judge In The Window?
7/2/2007What Is The Price Of Getting Dressed In The Morning?
7/1/2007Spector's Lead Lawyer Films New TV Show During Spector's Trial
6/24/2007The Housing Slump? There's No Housing Slump, We've Got Fountains Again!
6/1/2007Blogosphere Strewn And Littered With Corpses Of Anonymous Bloggers
5/30/2007Equal Pay Claims Subject To 180-day Statute Of Limitation From Date Of Injury
5/26/2007How Much Are Your Trade Secrets Worth? How About 5-8 Years In The Big House?
4/24/2007Property Manager And HOA Named As Employer Where Unlicensed And Uninsured Contractor's Employee Injured
3/2/2007Unions Can't Represent Employees In Overtime Cases Without Authorization
2/17/2007Lawyer to Lawyer Internet Radio Goes to Scooter's Court
1/24/2007Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Deposes General Counsel
1/12/2007Coast to Coast Internet Radio Goes International To Cover Employment Law
1/9/2007Who Shares In The Profits From The Charlie's Angels Movies?
1/7/2007Should You Worry That The Space Shuttle Was Built By The Lowest Bidder?
12/16/2006Communications Decency Act Comes To The Rescue Of Employers
12/14/2006Coast to Coast Internet Radio Goes On A JAG In Iraq
12/13/2006New Regulations For California's Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training May Catch You Off Guard
12/6/2006Twice Is Just As Nice: If Firing Your Employee Didn't Work The First Time, Then Try It Again
12/1/2006Newspapers Are Dead; Internet Dispenses Expert News And Analysis Like No Other
11/30/2006Coast to Coast Internet Gets the Skinny on Compliance
11/29/2006Prevent Unauthorized Access To Your Computers Through Rules
11/16/2006Coast to Coast Internet Radio Gets Out the Yardstick
10/12/2006Coast to Coast Internet Radio Discusses Hewlett-Packard
9/23/2006Bad E-discovery Questions Result in $30,000 Cost-shift To Plaintiff's Tab
9/21/2006Ninth Circuit Schools Employers How To Handle Disgruntled Employees
9/20/2006Coast to Coast Internet Radio Examines The Backdating Stock Option Controversy
9/12/2006The Party Of The Second Part Didn't Buy The Party Of The First Part's Non-competition Agreement
8/23/2006That's A Lotta Lotto
8/21/2006Homeowner Who Hires Next-door Neighbor Becomes An Employer, Liable For Injuries
8/16/2006Worker's Compensation Appeals Board 25% Penalty Ruled Out-of-Line
8/9/2006Watch Out: New Wave Of Lawsuits At The Courthouse To Help Businesses
8/6/2006Beware California Lawyers: The State Bar Is Selling Your Email Address
8/5/2006*At Will* In An Employment Contract Means Termination Without Cause
8/3/2006Coast to Coast Internet Radio Talks Blawgging At Big Firms
7/27/2006Coast to Coast Internet Radio Turns Corporate
7/17/2006Neo, Did You See That Ripple In The Internet?
7/15/2006You, Too Can Become A Fish Farmer
6/28/2006The Boilerplate Of Oral Contracts
5/25/2006Spousal Support Doesn't Have To Last Forever
5/23/2006Would You Hire This Law School Graduate To Be Your Lawyer?
5/18/2006Coast to Coast Internet Radio Tackles Immigration
5/7/2006Professor Beats Team Of Lawyers, Bar Association
4/30/2006Smaller Firms May Offer More Qualified National Coordinating Counsel
4/24/2006They Hired The Right Employee To Keep Track Of Work Absences ...
4/1/2006Coast to Coast Internet Radio Looks At the Public Defender's Offices
3/25/2006Government Threatens To Prosecute Private Company Who Does A Better Job
3/14/2006Business Owners May Not Be Individually Liable To Employees For Unpaid Wages
3/11/2006It's Hard, And For Good Reason, But Hard To Understand While You Wait For Exam Results
3/10/2006Coast to Coast Internet Radio Dives Into The $150,000 First-year Associate Salary
3/7/2006Now Where Did I Put That Railroad Car?
3/3/2006Coast to Coast Internet Radio Explores Big Firms and Big Business
2/13/2006Can The Government Subpoena Reporter's Telephone Records?
2/10/2006Dividing Up Life Insurance Without Directions From The Insured
2/9/2006Coast to Coast Internet Radio Discusses Diversity In The Law
2/8/2006Will Charges Be Filed Against Fire Captain Who May Have Started 7,000-acre Sierra Fire?
2/6/2006Kicking The Tires And Looking Under The Hood Of Professional Licenses
2/5/2006Read That Job Description Carefully
2/3/2006If You Have To Walk A Mile For A Camel, Then Does Your Employer Have To Pay You?
1/30/2006Incentivizing Trust Babies To Work For Their Inheritance
1/29/2006Off-duty, Non-required Physical Activity Not Covered By Work Comp
1/20/2006Specific Employment Class Action Waiver Held Enforceable
1/11/2006Employee's Surfing Pornographic Web Sites At Work Lands Employer In Hot Water
1/10/2006Pollution Coverage Exclusion Narrowed By Maryland Courts
12/22/2005Law Firm Partnership Agreements Upheld Against Fee-splitting Allegations
12/21/2005Redevelopment Housing Projects Not Subject To Prevailing Wage Law
12/13/2005WARN Layoffs Not Triggered When Company Transfers Employment Contracts
12/10/2005Coast To Coast Internet Radio Program On Military Recruiting In Law Schools
11/14/2005Type I, Type II, Type III, Which Indemnity Clause Is Your Contract Type?
11/4/2005Clarity To New Bankruptcy Law Precludes Classifying Lawyers As Debt-relief Agencies
10/17/2005Blawg Review #28
12/22/2003Wear a Vest or Dodge Bullets? Maybe Both.
11/29/2003Not Blackwells' List - 13 Judicial Hellholes
11/22/2003The Blawg Roundup
11/15/2003How Much for that Hammer?
10/24/2003The Contrast Between Workers and Politicians
9/23/2003The Death of an Indian Chief
9/19/2003Blawg, Blawg, Blawg - One to Note
9/14/2003Canadian Women Obtain More Law Degrees
9/13/2003Litigation + Budget Crisis = Taxifornia
9/3/2003UFF DA
8/13/2003I Donít Make These Things Up - I Just Report Them
8/8/2003How to Hire a Lawyer

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