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Category: Negligence

5/3/2016Different Rx Needed for Third Leading Cause of Death: Medical Errors
4/15/2016Will the Federal Consumer Protection Bureau and the State Bar Ensure Recovered Funds Go to Defrauded Homeowners?
6/11/2013Personal Injury Law Just Got Trickier For Hospitals
5/31/2013When Is An Insurance Agent Not An Agent?
4/30/2012Jury Awards $4.5 Million Punitive Damages Against Company With Negative Net Worth
4/27/2012Legal Crackdown on Human Trafficking
4/19/2012How Congress Takes A Congressional Junket Without Letting Anyone Know
4/12/2012Women's Rights: Who Gets To Decide What Happens To Women's Bodies? Your Favorite Government?
12/29/2011A Remote Wipe May Strand You Without Data: What Now?
12/1/2011The Legal Battle Against Drunk Driving
11/17/2011The Penn State Football Scandal
2/18/2011The Legal Issues Surrounding Pharmacy Errors
10/21/2010Facebook Privacy Breach: Real Or Imagined?
9/15/2010The First Amendment And Pastor Terry Jones' Aborted Attempt To Burn The Koran Hit Head-on
8/12/2010Elena Kagan's Confirmation Gets Reviewed On Lawyer2Lawyer
7/16/2010Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Explores The Legal Ramifications Of Social Media
5/6/2010Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Goes Calling On Apple's New 4G Phone
4/23/2010Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Takes A Look At Wall Street And The SEC
4/15/2010Lawyer2Lawyer Workers' Compensation Claims For NFL Players Coping With Dementia
3/30/2010Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Looks At The Clergy Abuse Scandal
2/18/2010Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Covers Cyberbullying
2/11/2010Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Reviews The Recalls From Toyota And Honda
2/3/2010Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Examines The Law On Abusive Relationsips, TROs And Murder
11/19/2009Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Puts The New York Terror Trial To The Test
10/30/2009Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Reviews The Birth Control Litigation
10/8/2009Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Goes Behind The Coal-fired Utilities Question
10/1/2009Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Flags Down The Red Flags Rule
9/28/2009Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Enters The Great Health Care Debate
7/16/2009Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Rips Out Chinese Drywall Issues
6/26/2009Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Takes To The Air Over The Atlantic To Examine Air France Crash
5/14/2009Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Explores Asbestos Litigation
4/6/2009Blawg Review #206: Tartan Week - All Things Scottish
3/24/2009Slander Per Se Versus Slander Per Quod
3/19/2009Helmets For Motorcycles, Skating, Skateboarding, Bicycles And Skiing
3/11/2009Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Discusses the Recent Wyeth Ruling
3/10/2009California Supreme Court Finally Clarifies Insurance Pollution Exclusion Provisions
1/13/2009Apartment And Business Owners Beware Secondhand Smoke
12/20/2008Fitness Center Avoids Strict Liability Claim For Member Injured On Stepper
12/17/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Discusses the Controversy Over Gardasil
12/16/2008Can You Avoid The Tripwire, Please?
12/13/2008Now Wait, Where Did I Put That Cell Phone?
11/7/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Examines the FDA and Big Pharma
10/11/2008Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Goes Smokeless
10/8/2008An At-Will Employment Contract Or A Promise Not To Terminate For Cause?
10/6/2008It Doesn't Pay For Insurance Companies To Negotiate In Bad Faith
10/4/2008What Liability Do Arrangers And Owners Have On Superfund Sites?
9/19/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Covers the Fall of Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc.
9/17/2008Who's Responsible For Dangerous Dogs?
9/9/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Gets Duped
9/5/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Stops to Smell the Roses
8/28/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Takes the Train
8/14/2008Lawyer2Lawyer Talks To Legendary Trial Attorney Gerry Spence
8/10/2008No Honor Among Thieves: Black Hat Conference Press Room Hack
8/7/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Spends the Summer Working Hard
8/2/2008What Happened To Handwriting?
7/22/2008Your Day To Play President: Would You Issue A Pardon To Marion Jones?
6/27/2008ALM's Legal Tech West Conference Storms Los Angeles
5/28/2008Dive Your Plan, Plan Your Dive - Except If You Flaunt The Rules
5/4/2008In A Commercial Lease Transaction, Brokers Owe No Cross Duty To Disclose
5/2/2008When Grandma Goes To Court
4/25/2008Some Things Just Don't Go Together Anymore
4/16/2008Who's On First? The Polygamous Mess In A Texas Courtroom
4/4/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Deals with Homewreckers
4/1/2008MIPTC Announces J. Craig Williams's New Book: How To Get Sued
3/31/2008Tightly Regulated Crop Dusters Fly Into Fog Of Regulation
3/30/2008Rah, Rah, Sis, Boom, Bah; Cheerleading Is Not A Contact Sport
2/26/2008Verbal Contracts Aren't Worth The Paper They're Written On
2/19/2008New Orleans Home and Business Insurers Win In Supreme Court
2/8/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Gets Sweet on Legal Technology
2/7/2008BrideZilla And GroomKong Or Legitimate Lawsuit?
2/4/2008New Vehicle Laws - Roundup By AAA
2/2/2008Lease Accounting 101: Tenants Suing Landlords For Fraud And Maintenance Expenses
1/30/2008What Do You Mean? We Didn't Know That! How Were We Supposed To Know?
1/25/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Steps in to the Virtual Law Office
1/8/2008How To Try A Case: University of Iowa College Of Law Trial Advocacy Intercession, Day 3
1/1/2008The Chocolate Wars Erupt: Allegations Of A Chocolate Cartel Fixing Prices
12/31/20072007 Legal News: The Third Annual Legal Louie Awards
12/27/2007Get Out That Insurance Policy: San Francisco Zoo Likely Liable For Wrongful Death, Injuries
12/21/2007With All The Best, From May It Please The Court
12/17/2007Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Discusses Blackwater Worldwide
12/3/2007Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio has Deja Vu As We Look Back On Prison Release
12/2/2007Dissent Turns Into Majority Opinion; Third Circuit Finally Falls In Line
11/20/2007Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Settles the Score with Vioxx
11/16/2007Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Gets the Skinny on Downloading Music
10/30/2007From One Fire To The Next: What Happens After The 2007 California Fires Are Out?
10/25/2007Slide Fire Update: Media Helicopters Interfere With Aerial Tanker Water Drops
10/23/2007Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Checks Out Both Sides Of The Corporate Aisle
10/7/2007Insurance Companies Claim No CyberCoverage
10/5/2007Supremes Launch New Term - Plenty On The Docket And One Hopeful For The Docket
9/28/2007I'll Take Half And You Can Have Half
9/24/2007Tip 'O The Hat To Lawyer Mark Robinson
9/20/2007Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Inspects China
9/7/2007Stay Tuned: Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake Super Bowl Performance Set For Rerun
8/16/2007Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Digs Deep
8/3/2007Fifth Circuit's Guess Denies Katrina Victims' Insurance Claims Pending Louisiana Supreme Court Review
7/16/2007Law School Casebooks To Be Rewritten Given This New Opinion Striking Waivers of Gross Negligence
7/15/2007Judge: Don't Read Newspapers Or Watch TV While You're On This Jury
7/14/2007New Advertising Campaign May Ditch Values, Create Liability - You Decide
7/3/2007What's A Face On A Label Worth? You Might Be Surprised, But Then Again, Perhaps Not.
6/28/2007Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Covers the Supreme Court
6/23/2007Gifts Given In Anticipation Of Marriage Not Recoverable When Engagement Ends
6/21/2007Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Explores Animal Law
6/18/2007Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Rates
6/16/2007Allegedly Dangerous Levels Of Carbon Monoxide From Powerboats Prompts Arizona Lawsuit
6/8/2007Avvo-cadabra; It's Got Me As A Cadaver
6/6/2007Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Covers The TB Crisis
6/1/2007Blogosphere Strewn And Littered With Corpses Of Anonymous Bloggers
5/28/2007Eight Wives, Two Years In Prision And Four Proposals May Yield More Jail Time
5/17/2007MIPTC And Larry Bodine Offer Webinar On Marketing By Blogging
5/5/2007When Is Enough Too Many?
4/13/2007Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Investigates the Don Imus Controversy
3/17/2007Leprechauns Banned From School By Principal For Green Hair
3/12/2007Lexis Upgrades Time Matters, Stumbles, Falls Flat On Its Technology Face
3/1/2007Can You Curse At The Airport?
2/25/2007Can You Truly Be Anonymous?
2/23/2007Lawyer to Lawyer Smokes Out The Latest Supreme Court Punitive Damages Ruling
2/21/2007E-discovery Battles And Consequences Come Home To Roost For New York Company In Bankruptcy
2/17/2007Lawyer to Lawyer Internet Radio Goes to Scooter's Court
2/15/2007Alabama Sex Toys Fall Prey To Legislation Regulating Public Morality
2/14/2007Follow The Bouncing BLIPS To See Who Wins The War
2/11/2007Is The Do Not Call Registry Working? How Many Calls Are You Still Getting At Home?
2/9/2007Lawyer to Lawyer Internet Radio Goes Ape
2/7/2007Injured Skiers Don't Seem To Get The Message When They Sue Ski Resorts
2/2/2007Can Advertisers Think Beyond The Buck?
2/1/2007Ninth Ward Victims To Get Their Day In Court Against Army Corps Of Engineers
1/27/2007No Wonder His Fees Were So Low
1/26/2007California Supreme Court Slices Through Privacy Rights, Opens Corporate Records To Class-action Counsel
1/22/2007Forget $600 Hammers - How About A $500 Damage Limit To Cover A $1.8 Millon Loader?
1/18/2007Coast to Coast Internet Radio Plugs In E-discovery Experts
1/16/2007How Much For That Elbow Through The Painting?
1/13/2007State Farm Gets Tagged In Katrina Lawsuit
1/10/2007No Matter How Smart You Are, Crime Doesn't Pay
1/8/2007Courts Can't Order Parties To Mandatory Mediation
12/18/2006We'll See What Los Angeles Criminal Courts Dish Out
12/16/2006Communications Decency Act Comes To The Rescue Of Employers
12/8/2006UCI School of Law Shines Brightly On Its First Night Out
12/3/2006How Can You Lose A Case You Already Won? Read on ...
11/29/2006Prevent Unauthorized Access To Your Computers Through Rules
11/22/2006Don't Call Your Legislator; They're Busy Correcting Typos
11/14/2006Hey Lexis: Hire A Web Designer, Please
11/11/2006Freezing Your California Credit Report May No Longer Be An Option: Stay Tuned
10/23/2006Nebraska Court Snuffs Out Claim For T-shirt That Caught Fire
10/12/2006Coast to Coast Internet Radio Discusses Hewlett-Packard
10/9/2006No Recovery For Slip And Fall While Walking Diogi The Dog
10/6/2006Does Your Insurance Policy Cover Your Business Contracts?
10/5/2006Insurance Company That Slept On Its Rights Denied Remedy
10/4/2006Bodily Injury Excluded From Residential Real Estate Arbitration Requirement
10/1/2006Court Rules Insurance Reserves Discoverable In Bad Faith Cases
9/9/2006Is There A Remedy For Every Wrong?
9/7/2006Coast to Coast Internet Radio Takes on Vioxx
9/3/2006Saturday Night On The Town Foiled By Grocery Store Clerk
8/31/2006Court Upholds Contract That Limits One Party's Liability
8/21/2006Homeowner Who Hires Next-door Neighbor Becomes An Employer, Liable For Injuries
7/30/2006Is The Writing On That Napkin A Contract?
7/19/2006Cable Guy Not Liable For Punitive Damages
7/17/2006Neo, Did You See That Ripple In The Internet?
7/14/2006Push Zero If You Want To Secretly Tape Telephone Conversations With Californians
7/12/2006Insurer Must Pay Attorneys Fees Of Third Party Suing On Assigned Claim
7/11/2006Prisoners Back In The Doghouse
7/6/2006What's On Your Favorite Government Employee's Electronic Calendar?
7/5/2006Craziness On The Internet, And Other Things You Probably Didn't Want To Know
6/19/2006And With Tax, Your Total Comes To...
6/18/2006Headlines And Unfortunate Photographs: Are You My Sperm Donor?
6/14/2006Today's Mensa Pop Quiz: How Do These Expenditures Relate?
6/13/2006Modesto Contamination Punitive Verdict In: Big Numbers, But Not Likely To Last
6/9/2006Businesses Required To Inform Consumers When Identity Data Stolen
6/5/2006There's No Reason Theft Of Sensitive Data Should Be Exposed To Criminals
5/30/2006Some Things Should Not Be Tried At Home. Or On Vacation.
5/27/2006Modesto Seeks To Hold Chemical Manufacturers Liable For Contamination
5/21/2006Defective Design And Improper Warnings May Bypass Assumption Of The Risk Defenses
5/19/2006Underground Viewing Chamber Leaks Lead To Large Verdict Against Insurance Company
5/17/2006Fore Is Just Etiquette, Not A Requirement
5/14/2006Cleaning Up Your Computer's Environment: Attorneys To The Rescue
5/11/2006Art Imitates Life: Boston Legal Covers Internet Postings About Jilted Lovers
5/7/2006Professor Beats Team Of Lawyers, Bar Association
4/16/2006New Category In The Law: Why Appeal?
3/26/2006Headlines That Don't Make Sense Until You Read The Post: Out, Out Damned Spot, But I Can Still Do 185
3/25/2006Government Threatens To Prosecute Private Company Who Does A Better Job
3/19/2006Can You Patent What Occurs Naturally?
3/16/2006Another Reason To Review Your Bank Statements
3/1/2006Businesses Beware: You Don't Have To Pay A Fee For DocuMinute's 'Shareholder Compliance'
2/20/2006Where Is The Lesson In $990,000 Award To Hell's Angels?
2/8/2006Will Charges Be Filed Against Fire Captain Who May Have Started 7,000-acre Sierra Fire?
2/4/2006The Court Writes Another Boring Indemnity Opinion - Or So They Say
2/2/2006These Clothes Make Me Look Fat, So I Think I'll Sue The Designer
1/29/2006Off-duty, Non-required Physical Activity Not Covered By Work Comp
1/28/2006Coast to Coast Looks At The Role Of DNA Evidence In Criminal Convictions
1/14/2006Dig Out Those Holiday Lights One More Time
1/11/2006Employee's Surfing Pornographic Web Sites At Work Lands Employer In Hot Water
1/10/2006Pollution Coverage Exclusion Narrowed By Maryland Courts
12/27/2005Insurance Company's Coverage Dodge Doesn't Work To Avoid Liability To Third Party
12/23/2005The Theory Of Punitive Damages Gets A Christmas Facelift
12/5/2005Crafty New Credit Card Scam Can Draw You In And Take Your Money
12/5/2005New Orleans Levees: No Finger In The Dike Or Eyes On The Ball
12/2/2005Removing Or Remediating Contamination Has Big Consequences For Your Pocketbook
11/29/2005Don't Drink That And Don't Eat That. Just Stick With Water. And Don't Forget To Exercise, Too.
11/28/2005Sampling Results From Rita And Katrina Reveal Contamination Across Four States
11/27/2005The Interplay Of Politics, Money, Insurance, Courts And Pollution
11/25/2005Don't Worry, The USEPA Will Protect You From Death By Chocolate
11/23/2005Not Necessarily Neutral On Harley Davidsons
11/17/2005Planning A Flight For The Holidays? You May Have To Fight For Your Flight
11/14/2005Type I, Type II, Type III, Which Indemnity Clause Is Your Contract Type?
11/11/2005Coast To Coast Internet Radio Program On What's Next For Vioxx
10/31/2005Powerline Oil Powers Through Umbrella Insurance Policies To Provide Pollution Coverage
10/27/2005Coast To Coast Internet Radio Program Takes On Lawyers, Guns & Money
10/17/2005Blawg Review #28
12/12/2003Zounds! Briefing in Crayon
12/5/2003Air Pollution: Getting Less Fast Enough?
11/20/2003College Tuition & Dynamite - How They Go Together
11/16/2003Lawsuits Over MTBE Contamination May Soon Go Away
11/2/2003Punitive Damages Available Against the Navy
10/30/2003How Not to Manage Fire Information
10/11/2003Stopped at the Border, Dirty Air Not Allowed In
9/10/2003Into the Lap of Justice
9/8/2003Are We Killing Ourselves With Our Forks?
8/30/2003It Doesn't Pay to Fool Mother Nature
8/22/2003Take my Ring, but don't Take my Money
8/15/2003The Absolute Pollution Exclusion Isn't
8/11/2003Shark proof

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