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8/30/2017Understand the First Amendment from Hate Speech to Violence to President Trump's Twitter Account
5/14/2013Convicted Killer of Seven Wants Playstation in Jail Cell
9/5/2012The Endless Summer...Keep SurfAid Working Year 'Round
4/12/2012Women's Rights: Who Gets To Decide What Happens To Women's Bodies? Your Favorite Government?
1/4/2012Finally, Some Sanity In CEQA Land Use Decisions
12/15/2011Should Cameras Cover Supreme Court Arguments?
12/30/2010Yule Hear from our Lawyers & Lawyer2Lawyer’s Best of 2010!
10/2/2010A Look Ahead To The Upcoming 2010-2011 Supreme Court Term
8/12/2010Elena Kagan's Confirmation Gets Reviewed On Lawyer2Lawyer
8/5/2010The Decision To Strike Down California's Prop 8
7/31/2010Obama's Financial Reform Bill: Boon Or Bust?
1/26/2010Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Goes To Court On The Supreme Court's Campaign Finance Ruling
1/19/2010Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Digs Into The Earthquake Disaster In Haiti
9/18/2009Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Talks With The ABA's Legal Rebels Tour
7/23/2009Lawyer2Lawyer Enters The Great Debate Over Healthcare Reform
5/29/2009Lawyer to Lawyer Internet Radio Reviews Judge Sotomayor's Nomination To High Court
5/7/2009Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Talks About Finding a New Souter
4/16/2009Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Finds Online Interference in the Jury Box
3/11/2009Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Discusses the Recent Wyeth Ruling
2/14/2009Colorado Lawmaker Upset Over Anti-Smoking Ad: You Be The Judge
2/12/2009Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Discusses Justice Ginsburg's Health Scare
1/29/2009Applying California's Maxims Of Jurisprudence To President Obama's Inauguration Speech
12/28/2008Shameless Self-promotion: Vote For Lawyer2Lawyer Podcast
12/26/2008Congrats To The Top 40 Mediators
10/22/2008Coast to Coast Internet Radio Talks Voter Fraud
10/4/2008What Liability Do Arrangers And Owners Have On Superfund Sites?
9/30/2008Anonymous Artist Refuses To Authenticate Works; Auction Fails
9/18/2008Tagged By the '5 Blogs and 5 Blawgers' Meme
8/3/2008Avvo Appoints J. Craig Williams To Its Legal Advisory Board
7/22/2008Your Day To Play President: Would You Issue A Pardon To Marion Jones?
6/26/2008Supreme Court Ends Its Term With A Bang, And The Constitution Still Intact
6/5/2008When I Was A Kid, We Walked Uphill To School Both Ways
5/22/2008Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Explores the Debate on Gay Marriage
5/15/2008Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Gets in to the Battle for Superdelegates
5/11/2008Louisiana Begins Its Way Toward Recovery Through Condemndation
5/9/2008Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Discusses the ALM 100
3/25/2008Not So Friendly Skies: Second Circuit Strikes Down New York's Airline Passenger Bill Of Rights
2/25/2008Life On The Open Road: Some Up In The Air About Where To Vote, Some Not
2/20/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Checks Lawyers Running for President
2/5/2008I Voted, But The Candidate Of My Choice Didn't Get My Vote
1/22/2008Employers Should Either Thank Or Boycott The Wall Street Journal
1/13/2008Vote For Your Favorite Blawg Review
1/6/2008How To Try A Case: University of Iowa College Of Law Trial Advocacy Intercession, Day 1
12/31/20072007 Legal News: The Third Annual Legal Louie Awards
12/2/2007Dissent Turns Into Majority Opinion; Third Circuit Finally Falls In Line
11/28/2007American Bar Association Names MIPTC In Top 100 Website List
11/6/2007Signs, Signs Everywhere There's Signs. Except in San Diego And Maybe Beaumont
10/13/2007The Future Is Now: The Science And Technology Of Today Will Change Our Lives Tomorrow
10/5/2007Supremes Launch New Term - Plenty On The Docket And One Hopeful For The Docket
10/3/2007La Meme Chose - Simply The Best
10/1/2007Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Evaluates Rankings
9/24/2007Tip 'O The Hat To Lawyer Mark Robinson
9/22/2007It Doesn't Exist. It Doesn't. It Doesn't.
9/4/2007Should Alleged Victim Of Rape Be Allowed To Use The Word During Her Trial Testimony?
7/14/2007New Advertising Campaign May Ditch Values, Create Liability - You Decide
7/11/2007Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Covers The Flip Side Of The Avvo Flap
7/5/2007Avvo Founder Responds To Blogosphere Criticisms; Changes Site
6/30/2007I'd Like A New Brain, Please
6/28/2007Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Covers the Supreme Court
6/18/2007Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Rates
6/17/2007MIPTC Takes A Bow: LA Press Club Awards This Blog Best In Online Design And Layout
5/10/2007Los Angeles Press Club Names MIPTC As Finalist In Three Award Categories
5/1/2007MIPTC's Book Review: Supreme Discomfort: The Divided Soul Of Clarence Thomas
4/27/2007JCW Turns 50 and Looks At Life Now
4/18/2007Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Goes to the White House
4/13/2007Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Investigates the Don Imus Controversy
3/12/2007Lexis Upgrades Time Matters, Stumbles, Falls Flat On Its Technology Face
3/5/2007Do Not Mail Bills Create Conflict Between States and Federal Government
2/12/2007Didn't Ask For It, But Got It Anyway
2/4/2007Super Bowl HDTV Flunks The Pixelation Test
1/21/2007Unequal Application Of Tax To Water Rights Holders Declared Unconstitutional
1/19/2007Legal Thriller Nominated For Edgar Allan Poe Award
1/4/2007Coast to Coast Internet Radio Predicts the Future
1/3/2007From The Battle of Hastings, We Get A Baby's Last Name
1/2/2007Computer Survey: 'Nothing Personal' Shows How Much Employees Misunderstand Email
12/29/2006MIPTC and C2C Take A Bow
12/28/2006Here's An Impossible Task For The Supreme Court: Phony Ads or Real Ads?
11/19/2006Court Allows Long-winded City Meetings To Continue Late Into The Night
11/12/2006At Least He Didn't Change His Name To Barney
11/7/2006MIPTC Congratulates Its Judicial Picks
11/3/2006Home Invasion Alarm Vote Lands Fremont City Manager, Council In Hot Water
10/26/2006Legal News, Radio and TV Reporters Get It Wrong 50% Of The Time, According To Judges
10/24/20062006 Judicial Election Picks From MIPTC
9/16/2006Who's Funding The Campaign Against Prop 87, The $400 Million Tax On Oil?
9/8/2006Contested Water District Elections Stir Controversy
8/28/2006Net Neutrality Heads Toward Showdown In Senate; May Get Sidelined
8/24/2006Coast to Coast Internet Radio Identifies What Makes A Go-to Lawyer
8/20/2006LA Sludge May Move From Bakersfield To Arizona
8/8/2006Tech Tip Of The Day: A Laser Turntable
7/3/2006How Should California's Judges Be Educated After They Get On the Bench?
6/25/2006LA Press Club Awards MIPTC Best Individual Weblog
6/23/2006What's In Those Privacy Disclosures From AT&T?
6/20/2006MIPTC Named Finalist For LA Press Club Journalism Award
5/9/2006Don't Complain To Me: Write To Your Legislator
5/1/2006Coast to Coast Internet Radio Covers The 2006 AmLaw 100 List Of Top-grossing Law Firms
3/25/2006Government Threatens To Prosecute Private Company Who Does A Better Job
3/5/2006You're The Judge: Do You Force A Rape Victim To Watch The Videotape Of The Crime?
2/21/2006Thank You, Dear Reader
1/12/2006Coast to Coast Internet Radio Program Gazes Into The 2006 Crystal Ball
1/2/2006Steve's Predictions For 2006: Will They Ring True?
12/30/20052005 Legal News: The First Annual Legal Louie Awards
12/26/2005Blawg Review Awards 2005 Announced
12/16/2005Senator Lott Sues State Farm Over Hurricane Damage; Convinces Senate To Pass Aid Package
12/14/2005Want Some Clean Air With That Wine?
12/10/2005Coast To Coast Internet Radio Program On Military Recruiting In Law Schools
12/9/2005Does The Bible Have A Place In The Courtroom?
11/15/2005Doting On Supreme Court Nominations At The Expense Of Others
11/8/2005Why Lawyers Blog, And The Benefits We All Derive
11/3/2005They Forgot Prop 13 And Taxation Without Representation
11/1/2005Coast To Coast Internet Radio Program On Judge Samuel Alito's Supreme Court Nomination
10/29/2005Who Cares About The AMLaw 200?
10/17/2005Blawg Review #28
4/5/2004Forget Buying Bridges, How About an Ocean?
10/30/2003The Great Debate Begins as the Fires Subside
10/29/2003Hangnails and Hanging Chads

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