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1/11/2012Invest In An Internet Video Start-up And Get Sued
12/21/2010Oracle's Billion Dollar Verdict
7/1/2010Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Explores Fair Use And Attribution After Its Own Mistake
6/10/2010Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Goes Online To The Movement
5/27/2010Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Threads The American Needle v. NFL Case
3/11/2010Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Covers The Google Book Settlement - Part Two
3/5/2010Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Covers The Google Book Settlement - Part One
2/17/2009Author's Guild v. Google Settlement Discussion In LA Tonight
10/1/2008LawTunes' Larry Savell Serenades Lawyer2Lawyer On Our Third Anniversary
9/30/2008Anonymous Artist Refuses To Authenticate Works; Auction Fails
9/5/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Stops to Smell the Roses
8/28/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Takes the Train
8/27/2008The Copyright Wars Have Gone Criminal
8/5/2008Copyright Issues Face Rapidly Changing Technology Remote DVR Copiers OK For Now
7/16/2008Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Talks To Jonathan Zittrain About The Future Of The Internet
6/10/2008The Supremes Call 'Em Like They See 'Em: Major League Baseball Strikes Out
5/29/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Talks To Two Curmudgeonish Authors
5/16/2008First Music Download Trial Verdict May Get Overturned
4/15/2008Involved In A Suit? Here's Some Judicial Advice: Settle
4/1/2008MIPTC Announces J. Craig Williams's New Book: How To Get Sued
12/31/20072007 Legal News: The Third Annual Legal Louie Awards
12/29/2007Denise Howell Hosts This Week In The Law
11/27/2007Sorry, Your Honor, That Name Is Taken
11/16/2007Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Gets the Skinny on Downloading Music
11/9/2007WLF's Fifth Annual Fall Harvest Open House - We've Got A New Name
11/4/2007What's The Difference Between Copyright Infringement On The Web And In Books?
9/27/2007Amazon Opens The Floodgates - Well, Almost
8/26/2007The Seven-point Personal Information Technology Property Manifesto
7/10/2007The Sex Is Not Real, But The Lawsuit Is: Copyright Infringement For Allegedly Copying Code
7/7/2007New York Arrests Its First Moviegoer Alleged To Have Illegally Videotaped Transformers Film
7/3/2007What's A Face On A Label Worth? You Might Be Surprised, But Then Again, Perhaps Not.
6/29/2007Insurer Ordered To Cover Copyright Infringement In Advertising
6/14/2007Baseball Stats May Land In The Hands Of Fans, Not The Major League
6/13/2007Anti-bootlegging Statute Stands The Test: Copyright Violations Can Be Criminal
6/11/2007Truth In Music Advertising Seeks To Ban Fake Bands
6/4/2007Fourth Circuit Denies Copyright To Non-unique Website
5/11/2007Stealing A Website And Ignoring The Court Lands Former Doctor In Default
1/9/2007Who Shares In The Profits From The Charlie's Angels Movies?
11/14/2006Hey Lexis: Hire A Web Designer, Please
11/12/2006At Least He Didn't Change His Name To Barney
7/30/2006Is The Writing On That Napkin A Contract?
7/13/2006Coast to Coast Internet Radio Appeals to the Supreme Court
3/19/2006Can You Patent What Occurs Naturally?
2/16/2006Copyright Issued To Pole Dancer Teaching Exercise Class
2/15/2006Student Coursepacks Need Copyright Permission
10/17/2005Blawg Review #28
2/16/2004Copyright Infringment Redux
12/4/2003Dirty Harry's New Law for 2004
10/26/2003The Business of Baseball's Boys of Summer

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