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Category: Real Estate

4/15/2016Will the Federal Consumer Protection Bureau and the State Bar Ensure Recovered Funds Go to Defrauded Homeowners?
5/31/2013When Is An Insurance Agent Not An Agent?
3/14/2013When Is a Volunteer an Employee Covered by Work Comp? It Depends on the Pixie Dust you Sprinkle.
1/21/2012USEPA's Approval of California Air Quality Plan Overturned Due To Use Of Six-year, Outdated Data
1/20/2012California's State Board of Equalization's End-run Attempt Around Prop 13 Thwarted
1/2/2012Font Row Seats For The Rose Bowl Parade
12/20/2011How To Fight City Hall And Win At Building Homes
12/18/2011Four Young Men Building Ice Rink Nabbed By Cops
2/9/2011Snow and Ice Litigation
11/12/2010The Power Of A Civics Education
4/30/2010Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Checks The Arizona Border Controversy
10/8/2009Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Goes Behind The Coal-fired Utilities Question
8/2/2009Playing Fast And Loose With Deeds Will Land You Without Land
7/30/2009Lawyer2Lawyer Learns Lessons From Professor Gates' Arrest
7/16/2009Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Rips Out Chinese Drywall Issues
5/14/2009Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Explores Asbestos Litigation
4/6/2009Blawg Review #206: Tartan Week - All Things Scottish
3/26/2009The Easiest Way To Make $10,000+++ Every 30 Days
3/22/2009Hair Spray For ... Lawns?
3/10/2009California Supreme Court Finally Clarifies Insurance Pollution Exclusion Provisions
2/11/2009Unintended Consequences Of Transferring Title To Property In And Out Of An LLC
2/3/2009CAM Charges Cannot Include Landlord's LLC's Expenses
1/13/2009Apartment And Business Owners Beware Secondhand Smoke
1/4/20092009 Legal News: The Fourth Annual Legal Louie Awards
1/2/2009Don't Take A Page From This Book: How To Ignore The Government In Three Easy Steps
12/14/2008Court Rules Party Cannot Record Lis Pendens In California To Notice Action In Another State
10/4/2008What Liability Do Arrangers And Owners Have On Superfund Sites?
9/29/2008One Confidential Mediation Settlement That Didn't Make It Into Evidence
9/24/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Discusses the Aftermath of Hurricane Ike
9/19/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Covers the Fall of Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc.
8/13/2008Read Those Mediation Agreements Carefully: Confidentiality Has Exceptions
8/12/2008When You Define 'Livestock,' Would You Include Dogs?
7/18/2008What Adds Up When You Combine Trusts, Corporations, Foundations & Offshore Entities?
7/11/2008How to Get Sued Book Signing At Hollywood Book Festival
7/9/2008The Fed Closes The Barn Door; Horses Reportedly Missing
7/1/2008There's A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight
6/29/2008What Is A Live Tree? The Ninth Circuit Finally Decides
6/28/2008Unexpected Fallout From The Subprime Mortgage Crises: The Deficiency Judgment
6/18/2008Does Orange County, California Need Brunch Aid?
6/16/2008Zoning The Ocean Around Us
6/4/2008More HTGS: Jail Time For Long Lawns?
5/13/2008A Home With Four Walls, A Roof And A Floor, Right Off The Boat
5/4/2008In A Commercial Lease Transaction, Brokers Owe No Cross Duty To Disclose
5/3/2008A Lesson Contractors Still Need To Learn: You Must Have A License To Work
4/29/2008Downstream Landowners Battle Upstream Landowners For Water Rights
4/16/2008Who's On First? The Polygamous Mess In A Texas Courtroom
4/12/2008MIPTC's Travelogue: Prague, Czech Republic - Day 5, Part Two
4/8/2008MIPTC's Travelogue: Prague, Czech Republic - Day 4
4/7/2008MIPTC's Travelogue: Prague, Czech Republic - Day 3
4/4/2008Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Deals with Homewreckers
4/2/2008Sometimes An Opinion Is Just A Ruling, Not An Opinion
4/1/2008MIPTC Announces J. Craig Williams's New Book: How To Get Sued
2/19/2008New Orleans Home and Business Insurers Win In Supreme Court
2/11/2008Up Next: Condemnation Action Against California Coastal Commission?
2/4/2008Not Really The News Wanted Before Mardi Gras Court Puts Damper On Party
12/31/20072007 Legal News: The Third Annual Legal Louie Awards
12/26/2007Say What You Want, You Can Protest In A Mall Only In California
12/15/2007Law Enforcement Tracks Down Arsonists
12/2/2007Dissent Turns Into Majority Opinion; Third Circuit Finally Falls In Line
11/6/2007Signs, Signs Everywhere There's Signs. Except in San Diego And Maybe Beaumont
10/31/2007Ten Tips For Dealing With Your Insurance Company After The 2007 California Fires
10/31/2007Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Discusses the California Wildfires
10/27/2007Photos By Local Website Designer / Photographer Say More Than Words
10/24/2007MIPTC's Personal News Update On The Southern California Fires
10/22/2007Hair On Fire And Smoke On The Waterless Desert
10/20/2007Santa Monica: Liberal Or Conservative? You Be The Judge
10/5/2007Supremes Launch New Term - Plenty On The Docket And One Hopeful For The Docket
9/30/2007It Depends On How You Look At It
9/28/2007I'll Take Half And You Can Have Half
9/22/2007It Doesn't Exist. It Doesn't. It Doesn't.
9/3/2007Cal Puts Up A Fence To Keep Fans Out And Keep Mother Nature In*
9/1/2007High School Football Stadium Card Stunt Prank Successfully Imitates College Efforts
7/22/2007It's Sunday, And What Does The Real Estate Section Of The Paper Tell Us?
7/20/2007Do We Still Need The EPA? What Will The Future Bring? How About Social Capital?
7/17/2007How To Lose A CEQA Appeal, Even When You Win
6/28/2007Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Covers the Supreme Court
5/22/2007Easements Mean What They Say, Especially Surface Easements
3/3/2007What Kind Of An Agreement Does It Take To Buy Real Property?
2/1/2007Ninth Ward Victims To Get Their Day In Court Against Army Corps Of Engineers
1/23/2007The Dance Between Selling Property And The Subdivision Map Act
1/21/2007Unequal Application Of Tax To Water Rights Holders Declared Unconstitutional
1/15/2007Light The Afterburners - Burning Man Is On Fire In The Courts
1/13/2007State Farm Gets Tagged In Katrina Lawsuit
1/6/2007Who Owns The World?
12/31/2006One Resolution Many Will Thank You For Making
12/27/2006It Was An Honor, Mr. President
12/17/2006From A Holy City To A Ghost Town; Now What Do You Make Of It?
12/8/2006Coast to Coast Internet Radio Gets Toasty
12/3/2006How Can You Lose A Case You Already Won? Read on ...
11/10/2006Complain? Who Complained? Not Me, But Hear My Case Anyway.
11/4/2006Farmers Harvest Corn, Soybeans, Hogs and Now Wind
11/3/2006Home Invasion Alarm Vote Lands Fremont City Manager, Council In Hot Water
11/2/2006Coast to Coast Internet Radio Gets The Bits and Bytes On New E-discovery Rules in the Federal Courts
9/24/2006Third Circuit Turns CERCLA On Its Head; Companies Take Note: Don't Voluntarily Clean Up
9/10/2006Gnome Rats Out Burgular In England
9/9/2006Is There A Remedy For Every Wrong?
8/31/2006Court Upholds Contract That Limits One Party's Liability
8/29/2006Government Derails Prop 13 Benefits For Testamentary Trusts
8/22/2006Missouri's Attempt To Regulate Sex Billboards Fails Constitutional Muster
8/21/2006Homeowner Who Hires Next-door Neighbor Becomes An Employer, Liable For Injuries
8/20/2006LA Sludge May Move From Bakersfield To Arizona
8/10/2006Do Billboards Have A Right To Be Seen?
6/27/2006CraigsList Finds Friends In Battle Against Newspapers
6/26/2006FEMA Disaster Relief Judicially Elevated To Property Right Entitlement
6/13/2006Modesto Contamination Punitive Verdict In: Big Numbers, But Not Likely To Last
6/6/2006It Comes Down To This: Kelo Gets Evicted
5/14/2006Cleaning Up Your Computer's Environment: Attorneys To The Rescue
5/12/2006USACOE 3, Turtles 0, Beach Replenishment Still Undone
5/8/2006Hercules Takes On Wal-Mart
4/12/2006MIPTC's Travel Report From Scotland - The Wales Edition, Part II
4/9/2006MIPTC's Travel Series: The Inverness Edition, Part III
4/7/2006MIPTC's Travel Series: The Inverness Edition, Part I
3/31/2006Big Or Small, 2,500 Square Feet Measures the Same
3/30/2006NIMBY Strikes Malibu Development Down
3/29/2006How To Prevent A Fee Simple Absolute From Becoming A Prescriptive Easement
3/20/2006Assessing the Assessor's Assessments
3/15/2006Soil, Grading and Compaction Reports Now Open To Public Scrutiny
2/23/2006Craigslist Becomes Focal Point For Battleground Over Offline Laws In An Online World
1/19/2006'X' Marks The Spot Means More Than Pirate Treasure
1/13/2006Property Owner Denied Right To Recover Environmental Cleanup Costs
1/7/2006Government Loses Big Battle Over Excessive Developer Fees
1/6/2006Review Of New 2006 Legislation For California
1/5/2006Butterflies Or Buggies? Tough Choices For Nevada Sand Dunes
12/28/2005The Time To Enforce Payment Of Your Mortgage Is A Long Way Off
12/21/2005Redevelopment Housing Projects Not Subject To Prevailing Wage Law
12/16/2005Senator Lott Sues State Farm Over Hurricane Damage; Convinces Senate To Pass Aid Package
12/7/2005The Rules Change For Modifying Consent Decrees
12/5/2005New Orleans Levees: No Finger In The Dike Or Eyes On The Ball
12/2/2005Removing Or Remediating Contamination Has Big Consequences For Your Pocketbook
11/28/2005Sampling Results From Rita And Katrina Reveal Contamination Across Four States
11/27/2005The Interplay Of Politics, Money, Insurance, Courts And Pollution
11/22/2005Closing Meetings To Discuss Eminent Domain Litigation Puts San Diego's CCDC In Hot Water
11/14/2005Type I, Type II, Type III, Which Indemnity Clause Is Your Contract Type?
11/13/2005Great Park Board Goes To Europe To Evaluate Greater Parks
11/5/2005Straightening Out The Effects Of Kelo v. New London
10/17/2005Blawg Review #28
4/5/2004Forget Buying Bridges, How About an Ocean?
3/16/2004Taxing Environmental Costs
2/5/2004How To Avoid Liability for Your Neighbor's Toxics
1/15/2004Clean Fleet Rules May Likely Go Down in Flames
1/13/2004Florida Polluted Water Has Nationwide Effect
11/28/2003Handwritten Note may Force $16.5 Million Purchase
8/12/2003Strike a blow for Landlords
8/5/2003The Statute of Limitations is Real

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