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Category: Insurance

5/3/2016Different Rx Needed for Third Leading Cause of Death: Medical Errors
5/31/2013When Is An Insurance Agent Not An Agent?
3/14/2013When Is a Volunteer an Employee Covered by Work Comp? It Depends on the Pixie Dust you Sprinkle.
4/12/2012Women's Rights: Who Gets To Decide What Happens To Women's Bodies? Your Favorite Government?
1/9/2012How Many Settlements Will This Insurance Company Have To Pay?
2/9/2011Snow and Ice Litigation
1/14/2011Challenging Universal Health Care: Merlina vs. Massachusetts
4/15/2010Lawyer2Lawyer Workers' Compensation Claims For NFL Players Coping With Dementia
9/28/2009Lawyer2Lawyer Internet Radio Enters The Great Health Care Debate
7/23/2009Lawyer2Lawyer Enters The Great Debate Over Healthcare Reform
3/10/2009California Supreme Court Finally Clarifies Insurance Pollution Exclusion Provisions
1/5/2009Insurers Not Allowed To Avoid Covering The State For Environmental Liability
10/6/2008It Doesn't Pay For Insurance Companies To Negotiate In Bad Faith
8/16/2008We're Still Arguing Over Hurricane Katrina's Causes
2/19/2008New Orleans Home and Business Insurers Win In Supreme Court
2/2/2008Lease Accounting 101: Tenants Suing Landlords For Fraud And Maintenance Expenses
10/31/2007Ten Tips For Dealing With Your Insurance Company After The 2007 California Fires
10/31/2007Lawyer 2 Lawyer Internet Radio Discusses the California Wildfires
10/30/2007From One Fire To The Next: What Happens After The 2007 California Fires Are Out?
10/7/2007Insurance Companies Claim No CyberCoverage
9/9/2007Texas Company's Insurance Policy Certificates Issued To Californians Trigger California Law
8/29/2007Farmers Life Insurance Policy Escapes Court Scrutiny, But Not Damning Admission
8/26/2007The Seven-point Personal Information Technology Property Manifesto
8/3/2007Fifth Circuit's Guess Denies Katrina Victims' Insurance Claims Pending Louisiana Supreme Court Review
7/29/2007In Response To CAFA, Federal Class Actions Plummet; State Class Actions See Slight Uptick
6/30/2007I'd Like A New Brain, Please
6/29/2007Insurer Ordered To Cover Copyright Infringement In Advertising
5/19/2007RICO Gets A Transfusion: Unum Life Insurance And Microsoft Left Bleeding
5/18/2007Reinsurer Ordered To Pay AIG Insurance For Environmental / Toxic Tort Claims
5/8/2007Should Courts Look Forward To Determine Insurance Coverage Or Back In Time?
4/24/2007Property Manager And HOA Named As Employer Where Unlicensed And Uninsured Contractor's Employee Injured
2/7/2007Injured Skiers Don't Seem To Get The Message When They Sue Ski Resorts
2/6/2007Spin The Bottle For Insurance Deductibles
1/16/2007How Much For That Elbow Through The Painting?
1/13/2007State Farm Gets Tagged In Katrina Lawsuit
1/8/2007Courts Can't Order Parties To Mandatory Mediation
10/25/2006Insurers Not Allowed To Collect Deductibles In Subrogation Suits
10/6/2006Does Your Insurance Policy Cover Your Business Contracts?
10/5/2006Insurance Company That Slept On Its Rights Denied Remedy
10/1/2006Court Rules Insurance Reserves Discoverable In Bad Faith Cases
9/24/2006Third Circuit Turns CERCLA On Its Head; Companies Take Note: Don't Voluntarily Clean Up
8/21/2006Homeowner Who Hires Next-door Neighbor Becomes An Employer, Liable For Injuries
7/12/2006Insurer Must Pay Attorneys Fees Of Third Party Suing On Assigned Claim
6/5/2006There's No Reason Theft Of Sensitive Data Should Be Exposed To Criminals
5/24/2006Hurricane Insurance Depends On Your Coverage And Carrier
5/19/2006Underground Viewing Chamber Leaks Lead To Large Verdict Against Insurance Company
2/10/2006Dividing Up Life Insurance Without Directions From The Insured
2/4/2006The Court Writes Another Boring Indemnity Opinion - Or So They Say
2/1/2006Pirates, Finders-keepers And Sunken Treasure
1/29/2006Off-duty, Non-required Physical Activity Not Covered By Work Comp
1/17/2006The Shortest Sentence Introduces The Long Arm Of The Law
1/10/2006Pollution Coverage Exclusion Narrowed By Maryland Courts
1/8/2006CHP Hands Out IOUs for DUIs
12/27/2005Insurance Company's Coverage Dodge Doesn't Work To Avoid Liability To Third Party
12/16/2005Senator Lott Sues State Farm Over Hurricane Damage; Convinces Senate To Pass Aid Package
11/28/2005Sampling Results From Rita And Katrina Reveal Contamination Across Four States
11/27/2005The Interplay Of Politics, Money, Insurance, Courts And Pollution
11/26/2005You Be The Judge: Approve A Courtroom Stabbing Reenactment?
11/14/2005Type I, Type II, Type III, Which Indemnity Clause Is Your Contract Type?
10/31/2005Powerline Oil Powers Through Umbrella Insurance Policies To Provide Pollution Coverage
10/17/2005Blawg Review #28
1/29/2004Environmental Insurance Coverage Not Cancellable
12/17/2003Insurers Must Defend Contract (And Tort) Claims
11/24/2003Insurers Held to Tight Deadlines
10/8/2003Keep a Stiff Upper Lip, Old Chap, and Pay My Fee
9/27/2003Two Towers, Two Planes, One Occurrence, Too Bad
9/26/2003No Lift for this Lift Kit
9/20/2003New Domestic Partner Law to Get Votes & Challenge

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