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Past, Present and Future Imperfect

The end of the year is here, and it's been just five months of blogging for me. Typically, articles at the end of the year look back on what's happened, recapping the most significant events of the year.

Admittedly, there's a lot to look at this year, but I prefer to look ahead. Where will this blog go in the next year?

It's hard to find a formula that works, so I've just stuck with Mark Twain's advice: "Write about what you know, son." I suspect there will be more of the same next year.

But is that all there is to it? Shouldn't the end of the year and the beginning of the next cause a time for reflection and planning? Take stock and store up for the coming months?

I guess there's some of that. The blog has come a long way from the first few articles. I've added a logo, which we sell in a store (thanks to those of you who've ordered), the left nav bar is up and working, the external links page now has categories, and the comment and Permalink sections have been added.

All with you in mind, dear reader.

Which then raises the question of who I write for - you or me. I must jealously say I write for me, with the thought that if it interests me, it's likely to interest a significant number of others. So far, it apparently has - nearly 15,000 of you a week.

The fun thing about writing each day is that when I sit down to the computer, I have no preconceived idea what I'm going to write about. I scour the internet, looking for legal news tidbits that, for the most part, fall into my practice area.

Sometimes, and pretty often, I think, an oddball article catches my eye, and that's what I pick for the day. It's as simple as that. Writing does take discipline, though, but I've found it entertaining and enlightening.

I have to admit I'm better informed for it. I learn much more than I would if I didn't read news articles and other blogs. I read a lot of other blogs, but try to stay away from things that others are writing about, which is somewhat self-serving since you don't find my material on someone else's blog. Sure, there are occasions when others write about what I do, but from what I've seen, for the most part it's rare.

I stay away from celebrity tidbits. You get enough of Kobe, Michael Jackson, Winona and others in the mainstream media. You wouldn't be reading this blog if that's what you wanted anyway. Besides, I get tired of people asking my opinion about the outcome of those cases, and I typically demur, saying that I don't know enough about the evidence and repeating, mantra-like, that the jury system works best if they are allowed to do their job, review the evidence, and the defendant is innocent until proven guilty.

Plus, the news media plays judge and jury enough as it is. They don't need me to add to it.

So, what's next? I suspect that there will be more improvements to the blog, especially as technology makes changes possible. For the articles, though, you'll just have to check back.

A post a day, that's all I can promise.

I hope you've had a wonderful holiday season and that you have a prosperous new year.

By the way, if you're wondering what I was going to write about today before this idea struck me, check out this foolishness.

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