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Quote of the Day - I am very pleased that Governor Perry and his Commissioner of Education firmly believe that more education dollars should be spent in the classroom, ... It is a travesty that hundreds of thousands of dollars were previously spent on nonacademic expenses such as lobbyists and seminars, rather than in our children's classrooms. - Cathie Adams
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So You Want To Become A Blogger? Here's How, And How You Can Cash In.

Here's a little bit of shilling for an upcoming webinar that Larry Bodine and I are offering (and yes, we will get paid from the fees charged).

In this live Webinar, please join me and fellow veteran blogger Larry Bodine, Esq., author of the LawMarketing Blog, describe how a blogs attract new clients and generate new revenue. Attendees will get step-by-step instructions and practical techniques to harness a blog for business development.  You can click here to sign up for this event.

Webinar Date: Thursday, June 7, 2007, Noon Central Time

Location: On the Web, on your computer.

There are 1,800 active law firm blogs and lawyers post 117,000 posts on an average day.  Done properly, a blog will attract clients, generate fee revenue, spark calls from the news media and establish a national reputation for you.

Contact Laura Kresich: (312) 217-3895

or email 

Registration fee: $300

Sign up online at

As you may know I started this weblog, in August 2004.  You'll find posts here focusing on legal news and observations, which have brought our firm a significant amount  of legal business.  Thanks to the blog, his practice has grown in complex business litigation involving  environmental, real estate, land-use and computer matters and their respective insurance coverage and related tort issues.  MIPTC has also generated interviews from news reporters at the New York Times, Business Week and other national publications.

Larry Bodine, a lawyer and business development advisor in the Chicago area, launched his LawMarketing Blog in April 2004 at It quickly became a leading online destination for information on how law firms can get new clients and generate new business.  The site attracts hundreds of visitors per day, many of whom call Larry to retain him for new projects.  Because many visitors are from the news media, he has appeared on national television and been quoted in numerous legal news publications.

Who should attend

  • Law firm leaders looking for a new source of business. 
  • Partners who want an effective way to market themselves and establish themselves as leading experts.
  • Lawyers seeking more attention from the news media.
  • Attorneys who are currently blogging and who want more visitors and new business.
  • Associates who want to use technology to leapfrog to the head of their class, develop their own clientele and pave a path to partnership.
  • Sole practitioners looking for an easy and effective way to distinguish themselves. 

The curriculum

Attendees will get practical, how-to information on creating and tuning up a blog to generate more business and increase revenue.  Among the topics Williams and Bodine will cover are:

checkmarkWhich topics to write about to attract clients and make you money.

checkmarkHow often to post new material and finding the time to write new material.

checkmarkEasy ways to find content for your blog.

checkmarkGetting the news media to call you and winning the "race to the keyboard." 

checkmarkPromoting your blog and creating buzz about it. 

checkmarkDeveloping a distinctive voice that attracts visitors. 

checkmarkElements of a money-making blog post.

checkmarkWhat topics to write about and which topics to keep away from.

checkmarkCommon blogging mistakes and how to avoid them.

checkmarkThe importance of a professional design, your photo and use of graphics.

checkmarkHow to keep track of other bloggers -- and see what they are saying about you.

checkmarkA case history of a successful lawyer blog, and how you can duplicate it.

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